What if the over-the-counter bank card is frozen?


Recently, many people’s bank cards have been frozen and went to the bank to make inquiries, all for the reason that they recently sold bitcoin and received the money involved in the case.

The first time to know that their bank cards have been frozen, most people’s reaction is panic, do not know what has been done wrong. My reaction was five years ago, and I have experienced many things since then. I have been responsible for platform risk control and case tracking, and have dealt with police all over the country for many times (more experienced than I am). There are only a handful), it is not strange.

First of all, don’t panic when you know the frozen card for the first time. It’s the money, not you. It’s legal to buy and sell bitcoin. You received the money involved without knowing it. In fact, you are also the victim. As long as you cooperate and make it clear, there will be no problem in principle. However, we do not rule out that in the specific process of handling cases, there may be some out-of-bounds law enforcement means in some places in order to solve the case with high efficiency. According to the specific situation, we should not compromise in principle, and we can look for corresponding legal aid. Of course, if you look at the compromise of performance-to-price ratio, then do something else.

Here, for example, there was a Fujian currency friend who was tracked down by XJI jc to find a telecom fraud case and asked him to transfer the money to the card of the jc branch on the spot. This currency friend was still a college student at that time, and he did it in a panic. Later, he felt inappropriate and went to recover the money, and the money was gone. Jc only requires banks to freeze the authority, but does not directly remove the authority. In this case, the practice of jc has been out of bounds, in fact, there is no need to co-operate.

After the bank card is frozen, there are several ways to thaw, first go to the bank counter to open the card to ask, the bank staff will tell you where the jc is frozen, there are contact information, you need to contact, sign up, explain the situation.

After contact, it is divided into several situations, the lightest is to let you write an email, holding an ID card and a local newspaper to prove that you are yourself, not a telecom fraudster, which can be thawed in two weeks. Another is that jc will come and need you to cooperate with the investigation. Some banks, uh, jc has already come to your city, so they freeze your card, so as soon as you contact, jc will be able to come to your door. Another is that the jc is frozen remotely from a distance, so you just wait. Some jc need you to run to his city, try not to go, waste time and energy, that is to say, the network sends data, if you have to go, take a lawyer to go. There is also a situation where you don’t know your card is frozen and before you have time to ask, jc has crept in.

This stage is cooperation, say what you have to say, you know in your heart that the sale of bitcoin is not illegal, you will not panic. It is nothing more than providing evidence of buying and selling, bank card transfer certificate, bitcoin transfer address + hash, ID card, proof of residence, and so on. At that time, there was a team on the exchange platform, which was specially responsible for receiving jc, to assist jc, in analyzing where the currency went, and then asked jc to track it to the next station according to the currency circulation. at that time, telecom fraudsters were generally still domestic exchanges, so the major exchanges worked most closely in that year, and the team with the best relationship was the team that cooperated with the jc investigation. Now after the full otc, in fact, it is even more inconvenient for jc to investigate the case. after all, the people who collect the money are from all over the world.

Again, in this process, because jc does not understand Bitcoin in many places, there may be out-of-bounds law enforcement, you’d better print documents from five ministries, etc., and do a good job of taking the initiative to popularize knowledge to prove that you are only buying and selling Bitcoin and are not involved in the case. Jc may be accused of being suspected of xq and so on, you need to do a good job of legal aid in time.

These successful investigations will come to an end. If you ask jc when it can be thawed, this question is superfluous. Jc will say thaw after the case is solved. But in fact, this kind of case is very difficult to say. If it is really broken, yours will thaw automatically. If it is not broken, the bank card will remain frozen all the time. Half a year is a cycle. If you look at it half a year later, if it has not been thawed, then jc has applied to renew the freeze, and you will read it again half a year later. According to the statement at that time, 99% of them would be thawed within two years.

I have always said that most of the cases are telecom fraud cases, spinach deposit and deposit, and very few are overseas sk sensitive cases. As soon as these fraudsters receive the money, they will distribute it down, and the distributors will buy Bitcoin and then recharge it to overseas platforms to withdraw money, mostly in this process. Now various platforms online video verification coin, in fact, is to isolate lawbreakers. The amount of money involved in the case ranges from several thousand to tens of millions. Therefore, sometimes your bank card is in the millions, but the money you sell is only tens of thousands of yuan, or it may all be frozen.

The above is the process of freezing the card and the experience of dealing with jc after freezing the card. If you are left behind, you are welcome to add.

The following is about how to avoid being frozen as far as possible as an ordinary money holder.

According to years of experience, my current practice is to set up a local bank card (such as Changsha Bank, Donghai Island Credit Cooperative Bank Card, etc.), and then sell it less many times (of course, this is mainly my investment concept, selling money if you need money. Usually do not need to use money to sell coins), so it is very possible to avoid the chance of being frozen cards, even if frozen cards, there will not be much loss.

As far as the otc platform is concerned, it is of little use in terms of business. It is rare to see that the bank transfer will freeze the card within a day or two. In fact, the frozen card will not be frozen until you have traded for several months or even half a year, so it is of no use to do so. But in reality, it has a deterrent effect. Telecom fraud distributors will choose tweak 0 when they face twee0 platform and twee1 and twee2. To put it simply, there are more frauds in tweak 0.

By the same token, there are a little more frauds on the platform without face recognition authentication than on the platform of face recognition certification. Here, telecom fraud distributors often go online to buy ID cards + bank card packages, and then register the platform to buy coins. Face recognition certification coin issuing platform is to reduce such things, buying and selling ID card + bank card packages is not feasible, unless even people are bribed.

Otc manufacturers may have a more varied experience, a variety of online merchants bank + Alipay + national pay + securities and so on upside down, but this is timeliness, this is just network isolation. Alipay you can also be regarded as a local bank, but Alipay has a strong big data analysis ability, if abnormal transactions are detected, you will no longer be able to use Alipay. Local banks are actually similar to physical isolation.

A local bank means that this bank is only owned by you locally, and there are no or very few in other places. This is mainly considering the operation and performance-to-price ratio of jc frozen cards. Generally speaking, the money involved in the case will not only flow to your account, but dozens or even hundreds of accounts. Then if it is a large bank account, it is very convenient to freeze in different places. Jc may be frozen remotely at his location. When the frozen amount exceeds the amount involved in the case, then you will see that you are a local bank. If he wants to freeze, he has to apply for a plane ticket. Then maybe we won’t freeze yours.

There are also two basic principles: 1. Special card only, this card should only buy and sell coins; 2. Check whether the deposit is frozen or not.

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