Dialogue Chengdu Digital assets Trading Center sponsor: Chengdu “chain” into a metropolis.


On May 19th, Duan Jiang, deputy to the Sichuan Provincial people’s Congress and director of the China blockchain Research Center of Southwest University of Finance and Economics, and Peng Tao, CTO of Chengdu Jiukuan Science and Technology, visited the “Golden Binance Lab” live broadcast room hosted by Binance Lab content Director Wang Yukun with the theme “Dialogue with Chengdu Digital assets Trading Center sponsors: Chengdu, ‘chain’ into a metropolis”.

During the live broadcast, guests introduced the Digital Asset Trading Center and shared issues such as how to promote the landing of “blockchain + new infrastructure” in Chengdu, the significance of pilot DC/EP in Chengdu, and how small and medium-sized enterprises layout blockchain.

The following are the core points of this LVB:

  1. The proposed digital asset trading center is not a digital currency exchange, but a valuable data asset trading center.

two。. All kinds of valuable data, such as digital photos, video, music, digital design and so on, are digital assets.

  1. Blockchain technology makes full preparations for efficient, credible and transparent transactions of digital assets.
  2. Sichuan has unique hydropower resources, and Chengdu has an exclusive advantage in the digital currency mining industry.
  3. The central bank’s digital currency pilot project just covers the east, west, north and south of China. Chengdu, as an important city in western China and the birthplace of the world’s first banknote exchange, is well-deserved to be chosen as a pilot city.

The following are the details of the LVB:

Wang Yukun: first of all, welcome two distinguished guests, Duan Jiang and Peng Tao.

Teacher Duan is a deputy to the Sichuan Provincial people’s Congress, director of the China blockchain Research Center of Southwest University of Finance and Economics, and the only sponsor of the Chengdu Digital assets Exchange, which was brushed on the screen two days ago.

Jiukuan Technology developed a blockchain supply chain financial system for Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, a large central enterprise, which solved the financing difficulties and high financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises, and won the double-chain Award of China Logistics Association in 2019. In the field of intellectual property rights, which is highly valued by the state, Jiukuan Technology has developed Pixel Bee, a digital content copyright protection platform based on block chain, and has carried out efficient copyright certificates for a total of 5 million works. take the lead in the domestic digital copyright field to put forward the concept of “sharing and confirming rights, publishing confirming rights”. The two blockchain projects of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Pixel Bee are among the first batch of 197 blockchain filing projects announced by the Central Network Information Office in March 2019, and become the only two blockchain projects in Sichuan to enter this list. Nine wide technology from Lenovo Star, Lenovo Venture Capital, Junlian Capital, Guangfa Securities and other domestic investment institutions to invest in shares.

Wang Yukun: what is the strategic position of blockchain technology in the construction and development of Chengdu? How does Chengdu plan to promote the landing of “block chain + new infrastructure”?

Duan Jiang: Chengdu attaches great importance to the construction of blockchain. For example, the support for blockchain technology is specifically mentioned in the government work report of the Sichuan Provincial people’s Congress, and in several digital economic technologies that we often mention, such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, these technologies put blockchain in the first place.

On October 24 last year, after the Politburo learned blockchain technology, Chengdu, Sichuan Province also set off an upsurge of learning blockchain, and I myself conducted more than 50 lectures on blockchain, including the central groups of many provincial, municipal, municipal, prefectural and state government departments. The government attaches great importance to the learning of blockchain technology.

Wang Yukun: I wonder how the centers of government departments at all levels gave you feedback on your lecture.

Duan Jiang: most of these lectures are in the form of popular science, which are not completely related to the deep technical level, but in the form of cases, especially in the cases that we have applied to the ground, and all the feedback is very good. Everyone can understand, or at least begin to understand what blockchain can do and what kind of problems can be solved.

Wang Yukun: what is the opportunity for you to propose the “Digital assets Trading Center”? How to define “digital assets”? Which users can trade in this center? How to trade? What kind of goal should be achieved in the construction of digital assets trading center?

Duan Jiang: we all feel very exciting when we see the proposal of the digital assets trading center, but in fact, the digital assets trading center may not be the digital currency exchange as we imagine, but refers to the trading of data assets, which may disappoint everyone. But the trading of data assets may mean a broader market, because we all know that recently the government has defined data as factors of production and production resources, which also means that data must be circulated and traded in order to produce greater value. In that case, the digital assets trading center proposed by Chengdu is the trading platform where Chengdu takes the first step to do a good job of data.

So what are digital assets? For example, all kinds of valuable data, such as digital photos, video, music, digital design and so on, are counted as digital assets.

Wang Yukun: then the digital assets in this digital asset trading center refer to valuable data / data content.

Duan Jiang: yes! In the past, no technology can perfectly solve the trading problem of digital assets, while the blockchain technology is fully prepared for the efficient, credible and transparent trading of data.

Peng Tao: in fact, we have been exploring and practicing for a long time in the field of digital assets, and we have actually developed some landing applications, for example: in the field of picture copyright, we have launched a social copyright certificate application based on block chain, which is called “Pixel Bee”. This is a block chain product that can be used by both photographers and photography enthusiasts.

Wang Yukun: in fact, there has been the saying of “assets online” and “asset digitization” before, which refers to linking up the offline objects after they are digitized. Does the digital assets in Chengdu Digital assets Trading Center include this part? Or does it only include the content that is digitized in its own form? Boss Peng can share more pixel bee content with us, for example, is there any data that can be released at present?

Duan Jiang: I think it’s the latter. I still don’t think it can perfectly solve the problem of correspondence between offline physical objects and online data at present.

Peng Tao: the Pixel Bee Block chain has been launched for a year and a half, and the product App has been launched for a year, and now it has copyrighted more than 5 million original digital vision content. The number of users has exceeded 150000, and the number of daily active users is stable at 10, 000. the vast majority of these users are ordinary users who do not understand blockchain. This is the user of the incremental market.

Duan Jiang: third-party data show that in the field of DApp, the number of daily active users of pixel honeybees is firmly in the top five in the world.

Wang Yukun: in April 2020, the people’s Bank of China DC/EP began testing in Jiangsu, Xiongan, Chengdu and Shenzhen. In your opinion, what is the reason why Chengdu can be used as one of the pilot projects? What is the significance for Chengdu?

Duan Jiang: the pilot digital currency of the central bank includes Xiongan, Shenzhen, Suzhou and Chengdu, which just covers the east, west, north and south of China. Chengdu, as an important city in western China and the birthplace of Jiaozi, the first banknote in the world, has been chosen as a pilot city, which is well deserved.

Wang Yukun: apart from the Digital assets Trading Center and the DC/EP pilot project, what are the layout and plans of Chengdu and other urban areas of Sichuan in the field of digital economy?

Duan Jiang: big data, artificial intelligence and other areas in Sichuan are actively layout.

Wang Yukun: is there any information that can be disclosed in the blockchain and DC/EP direction?

Duan Jiang: I just visited the laboratory of DC/EP two days ago and saw the complete product form and payment scene, but I can’t reveal more information because of confidentiality, but DC/EP is very close to us.

Wang Yukun: I just mentioned that Chengdu is famous for its “slow”. Is there a contradiction between the speed of the block chain and the slowness of Chengdu? What are the advantages and limitations of Chengdu in promoting the development and landing of the block chain? How to resolve the limiting factors?

Duan Jiang: slow only refers to life. The development of innovation is very fast. Chengdu’s economic and social indicators are in the forefront of our country, such as our Pixel Bee. We have been leading the innovation in the field of blockchain copyright, such as “sharing and confirming rights.” publish and confirm rights, which we took the lead in defining and implementing. Recently, Ali and Sina have quoted our definition in the external publicity of block chain copyright.

Wang Yukun: more than 99% of China’s enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises. How can they better participate in this industrial revolution? what is the correct posture for them to open the block chain?

Duan Jiang: I think we should focus more on the innovation of blockchain applications, rather than doing the underlying technology. For example, in the past two years, many start-ups have done a lot of public chains, and a few of them have really come out. No user use is a veritable “air chain”. We should expand the application scene of blockchain, so that users can really use blockchain products is king.

Wang Yukun: what is the overall development of Chengdu block chain enterprises at present? What are the supporting policies for blockchain startups in Sichuan?

Duan Jiang: at present, many enterprises in Chengdu have participated in the innovation in the field of blockchain, including underlying technology research and development, industry application, blockchain training and so on. There is one area in which Chengdu has an exclusive advantage, and that is the mining industry of digital currency, because Sichuan has unique hydropower resources.

Wang Yukun: Jiukuan Technology was founded in 2018. What is the original purpose of its establishment? What are the important achievements since its establishment 2 years ago? How do you plan to catch this wave of industrial change?

Peng Tao: originally, a technological innovation team of the parent company explored whether blockchain could be used in picture copyright. As a result, after studying and practicing some blockchain technology, we found that blockchain can not only be used for picture copyright storage. It can also play a great role in financial, social, medical and other fields.

As our team has accumulated over the years in the development and operation of interactive Internet products, we think we can really integrate cutting-edge blockchain technology into products that millions of ordinary people can use. a new company, Jiukuan Technology, was set up.

Although the company was established not long ago, we independently developed a new generation of picture social network application “Pixel Bee” based on block chain from scratch, committed to picture copyright protection based on block chain, and set up a copyright registration workstation under the promotion and guidance of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee propaganda Department / Chengdu copyright Bureau. By accepting the entrustment of artists in the field of photography and design, Pixel Bee protects the first release of its work on Pixel Bee platform, sells its work license on behalf of the artist, and uses blockchain technology that cannot be tampered with. Features such as timestamps are used for certificate storage and intelligent contracts are used for copyright revenue distribution.

To put it simply, we have had large-scale landing cases in blockchain supply chain finance, medical blockchain and blockchain copyright, especially in blockchain copyright, we have been leading the industry.

Wang Yukun: at present, traditional telecommunications, IT and Internet giants are also laying out block chains to varying degrees. In your opinion, what will the industry structure be in the future? Is it “letting a hundred flowers blossom and building together”, or “speeding up the reshuffle and survival of the fittest”?

Peng Tao: I think the pattern must be a hundred flowers blossom, and new areas can only be broken through hand in hand, but in this wave, small business innovative startups will definitely have a chance to overtake at the corner.

Wang Yukun: in this wave of new infrastructure, where will the industrial pattern of block chain go? Block chain industry from laboratory technology to landing in different scenarios and commercial fields, has the industry and enterprises explored and summed up some laws and experience during this period of time?

Duan Jiang: in this new wave of infrastructure construction, blockchain technology has been clearly put forward. For our blockchain practitioners, we should seize the opportunity to explore the application scenarios of blockchain. Only when the application scenario falls to the ground, can this technology be really understood by the public. Just like the artificial intelligence at that time, without the application of facial scanning scenes, I believe you would not have such a deep understanding of artificial intelligence. Therefore, I think the most important thing is to launch blockchain products that can be used by the public. To put it bluntly, it is still a product, a useful product.

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