Dialogue sharing travel leader GoFun explores a new development model under the wave of blockchain.


Adhering to the mission of empowering the real economy of the blockchain, Golden Finance launched a series of interviews [Binance Lab] of “blockchain + new industrial model” to talk about the star enterprises and groups at the forefront of the blockchain. The first interview is for first Auto GoFun Travel, and the interview guest is Tan Yi, founder of GoFun Travel, to see how he explores the new blueprint of blockchain + shared travel in the era of the combination of blockchain and real economy.

Gold extraction.

GoFun travel business card:

Shared car platform of Shouqi Group.

Block chain + pioneer of shared automobile industry.

GoFun Connect brand-new system.

Invigorate idle vehicles in society.

Digital reading GoFun:

The size of 40,000 vehicles.

Coverage in 80 cities.

12 million + registered users.

2 million + monthly active users.

Block chain + shared travel feasibility:

The two attributes have something in common: distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, untamperable.

Example: using the block chain technology to store the hash value of important data and data, we can quickly record user behavior and data storage certificate, and build a user system with good behavior.

Block chain + shared travel problems that need to be solved:

  1. User credit deposit certificate.
  2. User behavior intervention management.
  3. The establishment of consumer behavior system.
  4. the upstream and downstream of automobile assets can be enabled.

GoFun shared vehicle Block chain Linkage platform introduction:

Establishment of perceptible Multi-dimensional Credit system based on Block chain Technology.

Process: data winding-data asset credential-industry scenario application to solve practical problems and pain points-joint ArcBlock enabling industry.

The present situation and prospect of the industry:

The current situation of the industry: the inflection point of development.

Policy status: policy support stock market is about to be activated as an incremental market.

Summary: huge stock market (individual vehicles idle) + block chain technology enabling = quickly stimulate incremental market demand.

How to treat the new model of “blockchain + industry”?

Tan Yi: with the blessing of the Internet of things technology, the Internet of everything; with the support of blockchain technology, the data is interlinked. The shared travel industry is bound to usher in a better tomorrow.

Golden dialogue.

Round 1 explored first.

Host Golden Finance Wang Yukun: first of all, I would like to solemnly introduce Mr. Tan.

Tan Yi Beijing Shouqi Zhihang Technology Co., Ltd. GoFun trip CEO.

Andrew Yi Tan.

CEO, Shouqi Zhixing GoFun Car-sharing Ltd.

Master of Business Administration degree from Cambridge University, more than 24 years of practical experience in brand marketing management and retail operation management, senior management positions in various functions of marketing and sales, familiar with and proficient in the operation pattern and strategy of FMCG market in China and Asian countries, with unique and profound consumer insight experience. He has served as chief marketing officer of Meili Group; technology partner and vice president of marketing of Xiaoyuer in Beijing; director of government affairs and market strategy development of Reckitt (China) Investment Co., Ltd.; senior management positions in brand marketing management and retail operations of Motorola, Coca-Cola, L’Oreal Paris, Procter & Gamble and other Fortune 500 companies.

Establish the founding team of SAIC GoFun and lead the team to become an industry leader within a year.

Today, the guest host Jean Chen: especially wants to hear @ Tan Yi Andrew’s insights on “blockchain + travel” and the first exploration of SAIC GoFun.

Tan Yi: GoFun Travel is a shared car platform under SAIC. Up to now, the total number of vehicles in China is nearly 40, 000, covering 80 cities across the country, with more than 12 million registered users and more than 2 million monthly active users. At the same time, we have just launched a new system of GoFun Connect, which will join hands with industrial chain partners to achieve mutual benefit and empower industries in the future.

Round 2 with great foresight.

Wang Yukun, the host of Golden Finance and Economics: also want to hear about the opportunity and process of GoFun travel “+ blockchain”? How has your understanding of blockchain technology and the value that blockchain technology can play in the shared travel industry changed in this process?

Tan Yi: GoFun Travel began to lay out the layout of technological innovation two years ago, taking the lead in the application of blockchain technology in travel scenes, becoming the first platform in the industry to integrate blockchain technology with shared cars.

I first realized the importance of certificate and credit in the shared travel industry, but there was no effective and perfect one-stop solution at that time, such as dealing with violations of the law, personal identity authentication and a series of car use links, such as obvious management deficiencies.

When the blockchain technology appears, our first reaction is that it can quickly record user behavior and data storage certificate, and gradually form a good user system.

In any new system, there is a process of member accumulation, development and management. when the number of members reaches a certain amount, it needs a set of system support, and its value is to quickly get through the vouchers of members’ consumption behavior and credit behavior.

So we unswervingly take the lead in promoting in the industry.

We are very forward-looking about technology!

Blocked and difficult Round 3.

Host Golden Finance and Economics Wang Yukun: we all know that the travel field is an important part of the sharing economy. In recent years, the sharing economic model has been mature and verified, but in the field of shared car travel, it is still early in the industry. What do you think of the current situation and challenges of the shared car travel industry?

Tan Yi: at present, the industry is still in the early stage of development, but it has entered the inflection point of development. The threshold of this industry is very high, and only by crossing this threshold can the rules be expanded rapidly. Once you cross the watershed of economies of scale, profitability is not impossible.

Prior to frequent thunderstorms in the industry, enterprises have withdrawn one after another, which is a problem with everyone’s judgment and model of the industry.

Shared car platform belongs to asset management company, which attaches great importance to science and technology, operation and capital, which requires a high level of operation platform. If you simply rely on “Internet +”, it is impossible to buy scale with money.

In addition, all the scenes of shared cars are closely related to offline re-operation, where the car is placed, how many cars are put, how to set the price, and how to increase the scheduling and convenience of the network become very important. It must be supported by science and technology and strong operational ability, otherwise it is very difficult for the enterprise to develop.

At the same time, one of the difficulties encountered in the operation of shared cars is the national quality. In addition, due to the imperfection of the current credit information system and evaluation system, there are behaviors such as malicious use, destruction and improper driving of vehicles in the process of renting cars, and the cost of industry intervention is very high, which requires technical intervention. Blockchain technology is undoubtedly one of the best solutions to help the platform solve this problem.

Needle blood Round 4.

Guest host Jean Chen: today we discuss blockchain + shared travel. How do you consider the integration of blockchain and shared travel? Which problems that need to be solved most in the field of shared travel can be solved by blockchain?

Tan Yi: mainly from the point of view of user credit deposit, user behavior intervention management, user consumption behavior system, and automobile assets upstream and downstream.

The above aspects, which are also common problems in the industry at present, can be effectively improved or even completely changed through blockchain technology.

For example: the compliance management of users’ traffic violations, the identification of users’ identity and the verification of driving information, and so on.

Round 5.

Guest host Jean Chen: Tan, sharing car travel depth integration block chain technology, GoFun travel currently designed solutions can be described in detail? On the 23rd of last month, GoFun Travel held a strategy conference in Beijing to announce the cooperation between blockchain and ArcBlock. How do the two sides intend to cooperate?

Tan Yi: according to its own business needs and industry pain points, GoFun will give full play to the technical characteristics and advantages of blockchain, build a GoFun shared automobile blockchain linkage platform, realize the interconnection and sharing among business, data, departments and different roles, and establish a perceptible multi-dimensional credit system and data storage system based on blockchain technology.

First of all, it starts from the data winding, to the certification of data assets, and then to the application of industry scenarios to solve practical problems and pain points, generate value, and then combine advanced blockchain technology platforms (such as ArcBlock) to empower the industry.

The value of the blockchain platform is that it can quickly help partners who are currently in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain but do not have the ability to build blockchain technology by themselves. so that everyone’s certificate information and consumer behavior management can be quickly unified and opened up to give full play to the advantages of data decentralization and non-tampering of the blockchain, so as to maximize the value of the industry.

The ArcBlock platform is the best and most convenient and economical means and channels to help companies with non-blockchain technology quickly solve and realize data linking up and connecting with linked companies, so the cooperation between the two sides is of great significance.

Round 6 going hand in hand.

Guest host General Jean Chen: Tan, at present, various industries not only have great expectations for the application of blockchain technology, but also have practical resistance, many technical applications (such as inefficient database calls, high concurrency delays) will expose problems. How does GoFun plan to solve the technical problems that blockchain will face in the application of blockchain in its own platform product line, and create a star blockchain solution in the shared travel field?

Andrew Tanyi: there are some technical difficulties. But in the whole technical system of GoFun, block chain technology is a part of it. We use hybrid cloud distributed micro-service architecture to solve the problems of high concurrency and database storage efficiency, and use block chain technology to store its important data and some data hash values to avoid data storage efficiency and solve the problem of data authenticity.

GoFun and ArcBlock cooperate closely in blockchain technology and application to solve technical and application difficulties.

Therefore, any self-owned alliance chain has obvious advantages and disadvantages.

In order to break through the technical barriers of blockchain, it is also necessary to strengthen the association and cooperation among blockchain industries to break through technical difficulties and barriers.

It is hoped that more industrial block chains will accelerate cooperation and integration.

Round 7 with a bright future.

Host Golden Finance and Economics Wang Yukun: then I’ll move on to the next question.

Under the tuyere of blockchain, all industries can use blockchain to promote industrial growth, including increment and mining stock. Do you think the current shared car market is a fast-growing market? can you achieve market increment with the help of blockchain technology, or gain an advantage in stock competition?

Andrew Tanyi: from policy support to user travel demand, the development of the shared car industry is very optimistic. Invigorating the stock market is a rapidly developing incremental market. For example, GoFun absorbs social personal vehicles. Blockchain technology can undoubtedly help improve the platform and promote rapid growth.

So in a word, because the stock market is huge (individual vehicles are idle) and blockchain technology can quickly stimulate incremental market demand (individual assets are idle and shared when they are idle), the industry prospect is undoubtedly extremely optimistic and considerable.

Wang Yukun, the host of Golden Finance and Economics: it seems that if the blockchain technology is used properly, it can not only do something in the deposit certificate and data connection, but also bring huge imagination space in other aspects.

Round 8 with the change of time.

Host Golden Finance and Economics Wang Yukun: next, please predict what role the highly anticipated technologies such as 5G, blockchain, AI, Internet of things, blockchain and big data will play in helping enterprises compete in the industry (such as killer mace, cornerstone, backing), and what is the status of blockchain in the future shared travel industry?

Tan Yi Andrew: technology will promote the development of the industry, is the cornerstone, but also the backing, making the management of vehicles more convenient and intelligent.

At the same time, with the commercial landing of 5G in the future and the popularity of automatic parking, this subversive revolution will enhance the convenience of users.

Once self-driving taxis are put into use, shared cars will become the mainstream of the travel market.

The technical characteristics of block chain, such as decentralization, peer-to-peer network, timestamp, untamperable, consensus mechanism, intelligent contract and so on, are in common with the sharing economy in nature, and have natural affinity, which has become a feasible scheme to solve the crux of the sharing economy.

Golden message.

Host Golden Finance Wang Yukun: general Tan’s sharing today will give a lot of inspiration to many friends in the field of shared travel and similar characteristics!

Finally, I would like to ask Mr. Tan to say a word about the new model of “blockchain + industry”.

Tan Yi Andrew: we have been in constant efforts and exploration, under the technology of the Internet of things, the Internet of everything, under the technical support of the blockchain, data interlink. The shared travel industry is bound to usher in a better tomorrow.

Host Golden Finance and Economics Wang Yukun: looking forward to the prosperity in the field of shared travel, and also looking forward to more sparks between blockchain and shared travel. The forerunner GoFun trip will definitely be available in the future.

Thank you very much @ Tan Yi Andrew for sharing today, and please continue to follow and support the cooperation and innovation between SAIC GoFun and ArcBlock in “Travel + Block chain”!

That’s all for today’s [Binance Lab]. See you next time!

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