Dialogue with the promoters and builders of the national strategy “Belt and Road Initiative” of China Silk Road Group.


Wang Yukun, content Director of Binance Lab: silk Road Group is a comprehensive commercial group oriented to “Belt and Road Initiative”. Under the guiding ideology of “Building a lasting Peace, Universal Security, Common Prosperity, Open and inclusive, Clean and Beautiful World”, Silk Road Group assists the government, enterprises and other organizations to actively participate in the construction of “Belt and Road Initiative”, fully tap the advantages of all parties, and land on a series of strategic cooperation and engineering projects. To help the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative take root in countries all over the world.

With industrial financial business as the core, and based on satellite and geographic information and data services, the Group plans, organizes, implements and operates various projects around infrastructure engineering and energy. Provide consulting and risk management services for participating enterprises and organizations, tailor-made professional comprehensive solutions for government agencies and large enterprises in relevant countries, and ensure the safety of personnel and property of all participants.

The Group has unique strategic alliance capabilities and integrated management capabilities, and all business sectors are led by experienced people with rich international experience, through the combination of excellent enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions, the organic integration of technology, capital, management, standards and services to provide customers with integrated solutions to ensure the smooth completion of the project. The Group actively explores and summarizes the replicable comprehensive development and operation model to create a “Silk Road Project” with brand demonstration effect.

The Silk Road Group has established close strategic cooperation with many well-known domestic research institutions and academic groups. internationally, it has cooperated with the government departments of more than 20 countries along the Silk Road, including Britain, Pakistan, Laos, Malaysia, Egypt, Uganda and Peru, to set up a national think tank platform to actively participate in the formulation of macro policies and strategic plans of the countries along the route. Provide policy advice for the development planning of pillar industries in the host country. Relying on its good relations with the countries along the “Belt and Road Initiative” route and adhering to the concept of “close communication between the people”, the Group has actively carried out cultural exchanges, tourism interaction and public welfare cooperation between China and the countries where the projects are located.

Follow the grand blueprint of “Belt and Road Initiative”, abide by the corporate culture of “consultation, co-building and sharing”, maintain the fine style of “stepping on the stone, leaving imprints and scratching iron”, take international cooperation and infrastructure construction as brick and stone, and join hands with other countries to build the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: I would like to introduce my old friend micro-technology to you again.

Micro Technology, founded in 2018 “the first year of Block chain Application”, is a third-party block chain commercial technology ecological operation enterprise jointly founded by the former IBM China executive team. At the beginning of its establishment, it became the investment, construction, development and operation unit of the maritime field scenic block chain platform under the guidance of the “Tianjin Port Block chain Verification pilot Project” under the guidance of the General Administration of Customs of China, together with China Inspection and Certification Group and China Silk Road Group, as well as banking, insurance, import and export chambers of commerce and other institutions jointly established a blockchain cross-border trade alliance. On April 17, 2019, the world pioneered the application of blockchain to the “full business” process of cross-border trade, realizing the “interconnection, mutual trust and exchange” of trusted data and information in the whole chain, role and process of cross-border trade.

At present, the world’s first “decentralized” third-party cross-border trade block chain infrastructure platform, “TBC Block chain Cross-Border Trade through Train”, which is invested, constructed and developed by micro-science and technology, has been officially put into operation to serve the whole ecology of cross-border trade, such as trade, logistics enterprises, financial and regulatory institutions, and to provide comprehensive services such as data verification, certification and traceability for all parties involved in cross-border trade. It has become a new inclusive financial position for enterprises to increase credit, block chain of financial institutions for science and technology financial loans, credit and future goods rights financial model. The “TBC blockchain cross-border trade through train” passed the summary and evaluation of the General Administration of Customs of China on August 1, 2019, and officially entered the “national and global expansion promotion period”.

Micro science and technology, using block chain to empower traditional industries, reshape the new mode of cross-border trade in the new era of digital economy, and reconstruct the trust relationship of cross-border trade. to provide blockchain infrastructure and consultation for the establishment of a new global multilateral free and honest trade system and new order.

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Wang Yukun, content Director of Binance Lab: the next major introduction is Chen Hongjian, Vice President of China Silk Road Group.

He is currently vice president of China Silk Road Group, deputy director of the Law and Globalization Research Center of Renmin University of China, and secretary-general of Silk Road International Public Welfare Fund of China Social work Federation. Deeply ploughing in the field of international cooperation and industrial planning, has worked for several multinational enterprises and central enterprises, and has rich experience in industrial planning, international cooperation, system integration and large-scale project implementation.

And our old friend Duan Linxiao, co-founder of micro technology:

Co-founder and chief strategy officer of micro science and technology; financial science and technology research consultant of China Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy. The practitioner of blockchain cross-border trade application, the researcher of intelligent contractual digital currency, the co-founder and chief strategy officer of micro technology, and the financial science and technology research consultant of China Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy. Committed to the global cross-border trade block chain application and digital currency settlement research and practice.

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Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: I would like to ask Mr. Chen the first question.

China Silk Road Group is a comprehensive commercial group oriented to the construction of “Belt and Road Initiative”. What is the industrial core layout of the group at present? What is the layout of blockchain technology and application scenarios? What’s the percentage? What role did you play in the group business?

Chen Linjian, vice president of China Silk Road Group: after Belt and Road Initiative was put forward by China, the core layout of Silk Road Group focused on infrastructure construction, energy and other traditional fields in the early days, and in recent years it has also increased its weight in emerging fields. especially around the “Digital Silk Road” related satellite geography, information industry construction, digital economy industry areas of vigorous development.

The early projects in the field of digital silk road are mainly based on data collection, data construction and data services, which can be said to be version 1.0, but in international cooperation, differences in various countries lead to difficulties in data sharing, resulting in fragmentation of projects at this stage. lack of systematicness and serialization. The blockchain is precisely an effective means to solve the above problems, the consensus of the international community on the blockchain, especially the small and medium-sized countries have a good understanding. Blockchain is an effective means for international data cooperation, international cooperation, equality and fairness to reach a consensus. Because most of Belt and Road Initiative’s countries are small, they are more sensitive and active to solutions that can enhance their international equivalence in international cooperation.

Therefore, Silk Road Group has done a lot of work on the cooperation of blockchain in international finance since 17 years, which is also the first field in which the international community began to practice the application scenario of the combination of blockchain and entity. At present, it can be said that the block chain industry has become an important development direction of Silk Road Group, accounting for more than 10%, and it is one of the most important development directions in the future. At the same time, we believe that the division of block chain industry can not be said to be divided into a separate plate, it has a strong role in upgrading the other business of our group, and it will be integrated into various physical industrial plates in the future to form a new ecosystem.

For a company of the size of Silk Road Group, 10% is already a large proportion.

Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: I would like to continue to ask Mr. Chen, as a practitioner of the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative, what strategic considerations do you have to invest in micro-technology? How to realize the business coordination between Silk Road Group and Micro Technology?

Chen Linjian, vice president of China Silk Road Group: because in the early days, when we joined the blockchain internationally, we first participated in financial cooperation. In this regard, we found that China has many shortcomings in international financial cooperation. The participation and control of rulemaking is weaker than that of the West, and there is no consensus and joint force at home.

And the investment in micro-science and technology is precisely because the understanding in these practices has been adjusted. China is the first largest trade exporter and the second largest trade importer. China has a greater say in the use of block chain for new rule-making, new resource integration, new coordination mechanism and new ecosystem construction. Moreover, there are some international projects to carry out blockchain practice in the field of trade, but there are few integration in the whole chain field, because international trade is too complex, and it is very difficult to coordinate all parties. China shows its institutional advantages in this respect. Although the chain is longer and there are more participants, fruitful integration has been carried out in just half a year under the leadership of the General Administration of Customs. This is the strategic opportunity we found in Belt and Road Initiative’s practice, combined with China’s advantages based on international trade scenarios, the use of blockchain combined with other solutions used in previous digital silk road projects, can be said to be a perfect combination.

Therefore, the coordination of Silk Road Group and micro technology in business is also relatively complementary. We horizontally expand the participation of various countries and industries, build and bring into the scene, and improve the solution vertically and land on the ground. There is a positive cycle of linkage between the two. The improvement of the solution provides strong support for the participation of more participants and the construction of more scenes, as well as the breadth and depth of the landing solution. There are successful cases in this respect, that is, the Chinese customs trade through train project-the United Nations BODR project (a cross-border e-commerce consumer rights protection project based on blockchain)-the global digital infrastructure project in cooperation with the United Nations Trade and Development Commission, a very clear positive cycle upward curve. In just one year, we have achieved huge synergy, from domestic to international, from a certain field to cross-industry integration, and then to the chain network economy envisaged in the future, we have a very clear strategic planning and practice path.

Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: combined with these advances, let’s take a look at what you said about the shortcomings of our cooperation in the international field in the early days. I sigh unceasingly.

Just talked about the micro reasons and opportunities for investment, or do you want to know more about the opportunity and process of your personal or Silk Road Group “+ blockchain”? What do you think of the development of blockchain technology? In this process, what are the upgrading and iterative changes in your understanding of block chain + industrial ecological construction and strategic layout?

Chen Linjian, vice president of China Silk Road Group: in view of this issue, I would like to talk about some of my personal understandings. We have been crawling and fighting in Belt and Road Initiative’s practice for many years. This stage includes Belt and Road Initiative’s various countries, as well as the participation of various Western countries. There are huge collisions in various cultures, systems, and models. In international cooperation, China often encounters the problems of mutual trust and cooperation because of the differences in system and rule-making process. This process has caused a large number of investment costs, time costs, uncontrollable project risks, too much political influence, and the lack of clarity of the rules of the docking system, which makes the West make a lot of negative comments on our Belt and Road Initiative strategy.

I think there is a very important angle why the country attaches so much importance to the blockchain. I think the blockchain is a new model of social cooperation attached to the technical system. The establishment of evidence collection, traceability, cross-comparison, consensus mechanism and other means to form a new collaborative mechanism, that is, a new rule system, which forms a new consensus on the linkage and positive cycle of Chinese and international rules in practice. It is a great impetus. From this point of view, countries all over the world and China have a consensus on the transparency, equality and cooperation mechanism of this new model.

The new industrial ecology based on block chain is an important bridge for China to open wider to the outside world and expand international cooperation. On the other hand, the new model cut into by the technological system is of strategic and far-reaching significance to the new global coordination across cultural, institutional, religious, economic and other differences, as well as the construction of a “community with a shared future for mankind” proposed by China.

Block chain technology behind the credible, open, collaborative and other ideological significance, through clear model construction and technical solutions, so that many previous macro planning with a good vision, there are operational, assessable, quantifiable, landing implementation methods. This has a clear development direction and path for China’s vision of stepping into a credit society, global coordination, co-building, joint consultation and win-win results.

These insights are our real feelings together with micro-science and technology, from the construction of the alliance of customs trade through train, to the docking of Belt and Road Initiative governments and foreign enterprises, to the cooperation of the United Nations Trade and Development Commission. When we discussed cooperation in the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, the Philippines and other countries, the cooperation plan prepared in advance was sent, and local government agencies notified that local trading enterprises, logistics companies, banks, and insurance companies all actively signed up. The construction of this ecology has a completely different effect than in the past.

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Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: the next question I would like to ask is: what will be the further development of Silk Road Group in global digital trade infrastructure and cross-border trade online dispute resolution? What are the short-term and long-term development plans?

Chen Linjian, Vice President of China Silk Road Group: the BODR (consumer protection of cross-border e-commerce) and DTI (global digital trade infrastructure) in cooperation with the United Nations Trade and Development Commission are based on our understanding of the blockchain and the development direction of the digital economy. The previous practice of Digital Silk Road was version 1.0. the construction and service of data laid the foundation for the development of digital economy industry. this process is also being promoted step by step with the layout of China’s Beidou global system, the gradual maturity and promotion of Internet of things technology, and the coordinated development of artificial intelligence and big data.

With the addition of block chain, information isolated islands, fragmented projects have a chain for series, this is version 2.0, the effective integration of data produces valuable accurate data, and this is the basis of digital assets. This is also the first phase of the DTI project to build a soft infrastructure and an industrial base for the production of digital assets. The practical means is to open up finance from the scene of international trade, build a new standard and new system with industry and finance, and then radiate other industrial fields. It will be familiar to understand the process of China’s reform and opening up over the past 40 years.

The effective integration of data produces accurate data with productive value, which is the basis of digital assets.

Wang Yukun, content Director of Binance Lab: effective digitization is a big project in China.

Chen Linjian, vice president of China Silk Road Group: the cross-border trading system, including cross-border e-commerce, is the lifeblood of the global economy, which interconnects through blockchain ideas to promote the growth of the skeleton of the economy. therefore, the construction of digital trade infrastructure is of great significance, the aspirations of various countries are strong and clear, and the promotion will also form a synergy effect of everyone gathering firewood.

Valuable and accurate data, through the construction of specific scenarios, the alliance works together to contribute key element information, co-building, sharing, and win-win, rather than top-down to promote, the effectiveness of data value is like the joint contribution of everyone to create increments and share benefits. With the guidance of this kind of thinking, this big project can be divided into countless small projects.

Version 3.0 is a new model of digital economy based on the construction, circulation, value transformation and transaction of digital assets, and it is also the goal of DTI. Based on the chain network infrastructure, a new engine of global transnational, cross-industry and cross-domain value data, build a new ecology of digital economy, and promote the development of human civilization to “value civilization”. We believe that we have formulated the right development path in the right strategic direction and have a good practical foundation, so we only need to do a solid job in every step of the plan step by step. At the same time, this is an open, inclusive and equal platform, and we welcome more participants to work together, discuss together and win-win results.

Wang Yukun, director of Binance Lab content: draw a key point for all the leaders: “We welcome more participants to work together to build, discuss and win-win.”

Chen Linjian, vice president of China Silk Road Group: our practice of blockchain + industry in the past two years, the most important thing is to learn and use the idea of blockchain, deeply integrate the characteristics and demands of the industry, form a joint force, and explore a replicable model at the same time. Based on this premise, the fission growth of related industries has practical maneuverability. Let’s build it together. Based on the open, equal and efficient cooperation mechanism, it is very inclusive, so it is an alliance today, and the global village of digital economy will be formed through countless alliances in the future. Once again, you are welcome to work together to build this great cause.

Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: thank you again, Mr. Chen, for showing us the grand layout of Silk Road Group on the road of blockchain!

Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: the next step is to invite Mr. Duan to continue to answer. At the beginning of our understanding of micro-technology, it has a strong connection with “cross-border trade” and the “General Administration of Customs”. What is the overall vision of micro-technology established in 2018 “the first year of Block chain Application” in the ecological construction of cross-border trade scenes? Which ideas have been implemented at present?

Duan Linxiao, co-founder of micro technology: OK, thank you very much! Thank you to the host!

First of all, we should have a fundamental understanding of blockchain, which is the third generation Internet after PC Internet and mobile social Internet-value Internet and credit Internet.

Since it is the Internet, ecological construction must follow the ecological cycle theory of Internet projects, that is to say, the large-scale application effect of block chain can not be achieved overnight, just like the traditional Internet, it needs to go through the same only way as traditional Internet projects, such as product design, construction and development, publicity, customer diversion, customer experience and ecological construction.

In the ecological construction of block chain cross-border trade platform and trade general account chain, micro science and technology first aims at the global market, and the thinking pattern is Internet thinking + block chain thinking. Therefore, in the strategic planning of ecological construction:

First of all, set a benchmark with the help of successful cases, that is, in the parallel car import scene of Tianjin Port, it is the first successful case in the world to apply blockchain to the whole process of cross-border trade.

The second step is to initiate and formulate application standards for cross-border trade in blockchain with China’s General Administration of Customs, Silk Road Group, the United Nations and other agencies.

The third step is to increase domestic and international propaganda and expand influence.

The fourth step is to continue to try the enforceability of the standard model of cross-border trade blockchain in multi-category areas. For example, we have begun to make new attempts in cross-border e-commerce + blockchain, enterprise AEO certification + blockchain, and single-window alliance chain. Around the pain point needs of upchain users, we continue to innovate and optimize products, enhance customer experience, and enhance customer enthusiasm. This step is very critical.

The fifth step is to establish the methodology of block chain landing while constantly optimizing the standard, which can be extended to the industrial application field of block chain in the future, which is helpful for various industries + block chain to adopt clear specific methods and paths that can really land on the ground.

The sixth step, with the continuous growth of the volume of business, the data is also increasing, the logic of the trade general ledger chain is naturally formed. Therefore, after we have planned long ago that the data on the scale of the trade general ledger chain will form the scale effect, we will begin to start the study of value pass among cross-chain, parallel chain and multi-chain. the goal is to achieve credit penetration and value transmission between different ecology, between chain and chain, between credit system and credit system, and even between countries. This is also the concept of “chain economy” and “DTI digital trade infrastructure” that micro-science and technology put forward and strategically planned for a long time– interconnection, mutual trust and exchange.

Therefore, in accordance with the above-mentioned clear strategic plan, the contents and ideas that we have implemented so far are as follows:

— on the success case tree benchmarking, the “TBC Block chain Cross-Border Trade through Train”, which is invested, constructed and operated by micro science and technology, as a shipping scenario project for Tianjin port block chain verification pilot, has been successfully put into commercial operation, and has been used as a core benchmarking case for domestic and global promotion.

In terms of standard output, the micro science and technology core participated in the writing of the “White Paper on the Application of Block chain Technology in China’s Cross-Border Trade” guided by the General Administration of Customs, which has become the benchmark for the formulation of cross-border trade standards in the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Commerce (UN/CEFACT). At the same time, Micro Science and Technology, in conjunction with China Silk Road Group, submitted the DTI digital trade infrastructure plan to the United Nations Trade and Development Commission. In 2020, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development will launch the initiative globally.

In terms of publicity, it has won the support of important media, including Binance Lab, such as people’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Interlink Pulse, Customs magazine, China Daily and so on.

— in terms of business development, we have made practical progress through super nodes and super chain alliances. Shanghai Logistics Super Node and Guangdong Trade Super Node have formally signed an agreement. Flat car import business has been transformed into a super alliance, a “car life” super alliance has been established, and the attempt of cross-border e-commerce + block chain has been launched in a coastal city in China. After the Spring Festival, we began to start the blockchain business platform for the export of used cars to build businesses such as crude oil, rubber, fruit, cold chain and natural gas, and have started cooperation negotiations on blockchain cross-border trade with a number of governments. Because it involves trade secrets, what we can only tell you at present is the expansion and expansion of business ecology in countries involved in Northeast Asia, ASEAN, Africa, the Middle East and South America. We work with the Silk Road Group team almost round the clock. In terms of business development, we use super-node and super-chain alliance (Super Alliance), which is another organization composed of super-nodes (company-based franchisees) besides blockchain cross-border trade alliances. in other words, all the super nodes of micro technology form a super alliance. These companies that join the micro-technology super alliance, known as super nodes, are responsible for building and operating blockchain platforms for different product categories or business scenarios). Practical progress has been made: the Shanghai logistics super node and the Guangdong trade super node have formally signed an agreement to join the super alliance, while the flat car import business has been transformed into a super alliance. Is preparing to set up a new joint venture “car Life” super alliance node. The attempt of cross-border e-commerce + blockchain has been launched in a coastal city of China. After the Spring Festival, it began to launch the blockchain business platform for the export of second-hand cars to build blockchain + integration with crude oil, rubber, fruit, cold chain, natural gas and other business categories. And has started cooperation negotiations on cross-border trade of blockchain with a number of national governments, because trade secrets are involved. At present, what we can only tell you is the expansion and expansion of international business ecology in countries involved in Northeast Asia, ASEAN, Africa, the Middle East and South America. Our team and Silk Road Group are working almost around the clock.

Logistics system generation process data enabling financial institutions to extend the risk control arm, and then financial institutions’ science and technology financial products enabling trading enterprises, we made substantial breakthroughs and progress on October 8, 2019. People’s Daily has also made a relevant report that the landing of financial products granted by unsecured and unsecured future mortgage low-interest loans has long been realized last year, and now it is constantly expanding its scale.

Chen Linjian, vice president of China Silk Road Group: this is the perfect combination of horizontal and vertical, and the efficient coordination of planning and landing.

Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: Golden is very willing to strongly support high-quality entrepreneurial projects.

Duan Linxiao, co-founder of micro science and technology: next, micro science and technology will conduct in-depth theoretical research on the methodology of block chain industrial application and the consensus system of credit penetration, combined with practical experience, strive to achieve the scientific and technological achievements of the combination of theory and practice in 2020.

At the same time, in the extension of product design, we will focus on the AEO certification that enterprises are most concerned about, and carry out the research on the model of blockchain + AEO.

On the technical side, we will focus on the direction in which anti-quantum cryptography algorithms become the underlying technology of blockchain.

The strategic planning and practical actions of micro science and technology are carrying out a very, very great cause.

Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: it sounds very powerful. I remember that Boss Duan talked about how we want to get the standard-setting power in the international field. Not an excellent sentence can be summed up!

Duan Linxiao, co-founder of micro technology: yes, this is a Chinese block chain to practice the goal and responsibility of the enterprise!

Wang Yukun, content Director of Binance Lab: as far as I know, you are personally familiar with blockchain technology and cross-border trade. Please analyze the importance and necessity of “blockchain + cross-border trade” and the core points and difficulties of blockchain technology enabling cross-border trade.

Duan Linxiao, co-founder of micro technology: OK, let me discuss the importance and necessity of “blockchain + cross-border trade”.

— first of all, without the blockchain of industrial applications, it is worthless. General Secretary Xi’s key word in his 10.24 speech is “regarding blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technology”. This sentence is meaningful, and the key point lies in the “blockchain”, not blockchain technology. As an “important breakthrough” of “independent innovation of core technology”, rather than a simple breakthrough, it is an important breakthrough, so we have to think about what is “independent innovation of core technology”. At this point, the interpretation of micro-technology is very clear, and the path of practice is also very accurate. The reason why we are committed to the application practice of cross-border trade + blockchain is that we can see that cross-border trade is the best way to drive the core technology of China’s blockchain to the world, because China is already the largest trading country in the world, and its importance. I have discussed it in detail in the next three articles on “the Mission of the largest Trading country in the Digital economy era”, and the media have also reported it. Welcome to spread the axe.

The industrial application of blockchain is an “ecological conduit” through which technical standards, scientific and technological standards, and scientific standards can form factual standards that drive the independent innovation of core technology. its importance and opportunity are more important than chips and 5G, and the development of blockchain industrial application contains a major strategic plan for a hundred years, and it is also a powerful road to the revival of science and technology.

It is suggested that people from all walks of life should deeply interpret the sentence “taking block chain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology”.

Secondly, trade and financial powers such as the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Japan have all begun to promote cross-border trade projects of blockchain + finance and blockchain + logistics at full speed with the strength of governments and enterprises. what is the core pain point of cross-border trade? — the isolated island of information leads to the inefficiency of trade and the difficulty of establishing a trust mechanism, as well as the containment of global trade after the United States controls the swift system. In the cross-border trade scene, the biggest difficulty is to realize the exchange of information, mutual recognition of supervision and mutual assistance in law enforcement among customs of various countries. Therefore, while countries around the world actively promote the application of blockchain, only the General Administration of Customs of China sees the necessity of cross-border trade + blockchain, and only the General Administration of Customs of China has the highest understanding of blockchain. Therefore, in August 2018, the General Administration of Customs guided, launched and built a “decentralized” pilot project for digital infrastructure verification of cross-border trade in blockchain. Micro-technology is fortunate to be the third-party investor, construction and operator of the shipping scene.

— with the landing of practice, we have a deeper and deeper understanding that the blockchain will provide a free, fair, honest and secure trading environment and credible credit environment for all parties involved in cross-border trade. this will become a new tool and platform for governments at all levels to improve the business environment, which is also the core driving force for governments to vigorously promote cross-border trade in blockchain in the future. It is just that many policy makers at the government level do not fully understand this point. With the continuous popularization of blockchain, I believe that this day will come, and micro science and technology will continue to run around to popularize the theory and essence of blockchain for governments at all levels. I hope everyone will have a high level of understanding of blockchain at the ideological level, rather than staying at the technical level, it is as simple as mistakenly understanding blockchain as an IT information system, which is also the hardest thing on the road to the development of blockchain. We have had deep feelings in the process of promoting cross-border trade in blockchain.

In addition, I would like to share a point of view that human social activities are made up of three major fields: politics, economy and culture, while economic activities refer to the activities in which people engage in material production and their corresponding exchange, distribution and consumption for the purpose of meeting people’s needs under certain social organizations and orders. people mainly exchange productive forces and means of production for goods and services, and money is the medium of exchange. Therefore, we can be summarized into four elements: goods, services, transactions, and order. When we look at the cross-border trade scene, it is not difficult to find that cross-border trade consists of four major business areas: trade (goods), logistics (services), finance (transaction) and supervision (order). It involves all aspects of human economic activities-production, sales, logistics and transportation, transaction, order management and so on, while cross-border trade involves many roles. Cross-regional and time zone, cross-language, cross-legal management system, complex and lengthy chain, therefore, cross-border trade is the most complex scene of human social and economic activities. Taking 2018 as an example, global cross-border trade totaled about $39.342 trillion, accounting for 45.86 per cent of global GDP. Therefore, from the point of view of the importance and necessity of the industrial application of blockchain, cross-border trade is the most challenging, critical and grand scenario, and it will even play the biggest role in promoting the development of digital currency in the future. Because the literal meaning of currency in Chinese is very clear-first goods before money. We have been calling for: with the help of the blockchain cross-border trade scene, it is expected to truly realize the internationalization and digitization of RMB, as well as the initiative and voice of RMB in the international monetary system.

[on the core point of blockchain technology enabling cross-border trade].

— establishing mutually empowering and interdependent trade process order relations.

— Guan Guan Tong, then Tradelink; if there is material circulation, it is Financial Communication.

— in the blockchain network environment of joint deposit and cross-verification, logistics helps finance extend the risk control arm long, finance can safely provide funds to traders, and the circulation of goods, then the logic of financial communication is established. Traders get financial support, have the enthusiasm of the upper chain, and the joint deposit and cross-verification of blockchain put an end to fraudulent trade, so traders can only complete trade activities in accordance with regulatory and financial requirements on the chain; as a result, regulators perform the duties of trade security and risk management. In the end, the integrity of the win-win situation is formed, Guan Guantong, then Tradelink has the basis of the block chain to achieve the three mutual.

[on the difficulties of blockchain technology enabling cross-border trade].

When product category + block chain +, we need to have deep insight and research on its category characteristics, business characteristics, ecological characteristics, legal regulatory characteristics of different countries, etc., in order to extract the core element information, so that the future blockchain platform can meet the win-win needs, which requires a lot of research, years of project management consulting experience, and turning many details into high-quality customer experience. It’s not easy.

Blockchain is the concept of co-construction, co-governance, sharing and openness: many large enterprises or Internet giants actively layout blockchain, and then because of their market position, it is difficult to get rid of the dominant traditional thinking of centralization: they want to be both referees and athletes. We will find that no matter in the construction or in the subsequent operation, many upstream and downstream partners and competitors do not dare to put down their scruples and join in, resulting in this kind of blockchain project platform unable to attract more enterprises to join the chain and unable to build ecology.

In short, I think that in the matter of blockchain, the Chinese government has acted very quickly. Of course, excellent enterprises such as micro-technology are also essential to do bottom support. I firmly believe that the era of blockchain must be the era of China!

Yes, the application of blockchain industry is a very large cross-border work, with a large amount of knowledge and information. Let’s go!

Xuan 6.

Wang Yukun, content Director of Binance Lab: next, I would like to ask you another question. I just mentioned that as the world’s second largest economy, cross-border trade is very important to China, involving a wide range of industries / products. Which industries / product categories are suitable for the integration of block chains? What are the realistic changes that blockchain can bring to its traditional way or the way that has been integrated with Internet +?

Duan Linxiao, co-founder of micro technology: this is a very good question! Also very professional!

— in terms of categories, categories with good financial attributes have a high probability of success in the landing of + block chains, but for those with poor financial attributes, such as international express delivery and cross-border e-commerce, how to + block chains? Our practical experience is that from the perspective of corporate and personal credit information and corporate credit certification, the implantation of financial services can also achieve + block chain landing, and the integrated block chain platform has become a new position of inclusive finance.

In terms of industry, there is a multi-role mutually exclusive relationship of interests in the upstream and downstream ecology of the industry, or “weak trust relationship”, which is suitable for + block chain, and the industrial ecology with strong trust relationship is not necessary, such as the aircraft industry.

The biggest difference between the blockchain and the traditional Internet is that the accumulation of the process data of the blockchain forms the credit data, which is the result data on the traditional Internet, and the credibility of its natural certificate is doubted. The value of process data on the block chain lies in: joint witness, deposit, verification, forming its credibility of other evidence and multi-evidence, so the value is far greater than the resulting data. In other words, the data perspective has changed, from the current perspective to the process perspective. This is the most realistic change.

Jun 7.
Wang Yukun, Binance Lab content director: just now, it has been mentioned that the “TBC block chain cross-border trade through train”, which is invested, developed, constructed and operated by micro science and technology, has officially entered the national promotion period after passing the project evaluation of the General Administration of Customs, Tianjin Customs and Tianjin Bureau of Commerce (Port Office) on August 1st, 2019. Can you help us understand the core role of blockchain in cross-border trade by sharing several specific landing applications?

Duan Linxiao, co-founder of micro technology: OK. Taking the business of Tianjin parallel imported cars on the “TBC block chain cross-border trade through train” as an example, share the “user experience” of Tianjin Customs and several upper-chain enterprises to you:

Tianjin Customs commented: from the point of view of the customs, the blockchain allows customs supervision to innovate from the traditional “result data check” to the “process data check” of the whole trade process from the traditional “result data check” to the customs declaration bank document data information. With the help of the characteristics of cross-verification of data on the block chain, in the process of trade, everyone participates in the cross-comparison of capital flow, logistics, and document data flow, forming a “everyone supervision” mode, and enterprises move from “self-certification” mode to “other certificate” and “multi-certificate” mode.

Ms. Ding Ling, Chief Financial Officer of Beijing Rolling Lei Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.: through the blockchain application platform, all documents can be compared and all procedures and customs declaration processes can be simplified: it improves the efficiency of the entire business process.

— long-term Industrial Group: we see the following benefits:

-Let the characteristics and processes of logistics be accepted more widely: due to different regions, customs and tax policies, processes and documents requirements are different, and each business is different, which will make customers misunderstand logistics. Blockchain makes our processes more standardized and more widely accepted.

-better share our overseas experience and resources with the enterprises in the chain, promote the security and fluency of trade, and achieve win-win results.

-conventional trade is a chain structure in series, the information transmission chain is long and takes a long time, and it is easy to cause mistransmission and omission of information when it is transferred many times. Using the block chain platform, the information can be shared in real time and the information is unique. For the logistics industry, time cut-off point, information accuracy and material integrity are the guarantee of our service efficiency and quality.

-customer satisfaction can be enhanced through the “TBC blockchain cross-border trade through train” platform. And on the platform of “TBC blockchain cross-border trade through train”, we will get more high-quality customers and expand our business volume.

Except for parallel imported cars. We have begun to try cross-border payment and credit loans for enterprises and C-end customers on the blockchain platform in the international express business scenario of cross-border e-commerce.

The cold chain business breaks through the factors of poor financial attributes of meat and large fluctuations in meat prices. at present, a bank has begun to design cold chain block chain platform financial products.

The oil and gas business has excellent financial attributes, but the trade fraud is extremely strong. The blockchain completely shields the trade fraud, purifies the trade environment, and can completely help purchasers and financial institutions avoid the risk of financial instruments fraud, because, in the process of financial instrument fraud with the help of commodity trade contracts, logistics can not exist at all, on the cross-border trading platform of blockchain. Through cross-verification with the process data system of logistics, financial institutions and purchasers can instantly identify real trade and fraudulent trade.

Block chain is not omnipotent, let alone overnight, not only to learn and use it, but also to treat it objectively, respect the law, and understand the essence of block chain.

Golden Binance Lab message.

Wang Yukun, content Director of Binance Lab: thank you very much, Boss Chen and Boss Duan for your wonderful sharing today! One last question! Please send a message to the new model of “blockchain + industry”.

Duan Linxiao, co-founder of micro technology: start-up companies will always maintain the spirit of young struggle!

My message is: block chain + cross-border trade industry application, will create the world free, fair, good faith, safe trade new order, new credit system, but also the digital currency must reach.

Chen Linjian, vice president of China Silk Road Group: the blockchain is still a small sapling, and the soil that breeds it to grow into a towering tree is the industry. the several core elements of the blockchain will certainly develop more core engines in the process of upgrading with the industry. the construction of new ideas and new systems is not only China’s opportunity, but also the mission of China’s blockchain people.

Wang Yukun, content Director of Binance Lab: thank you both for your wonderful sharing today.

Hope that Silk Road Group and micro technology can play an important role in the field of blockchain!

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