Talk with the host of CCTV about the background of state-owned assets, Binance Lab enterprises, cloud chain of Chinese enterprises.


Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: Hello, everyone ~ the new golden [Binance Lab] meets you on time again!

Today [Binance Lab] and Wu Jianhua, the host of the CCTV financial program, talked with Liu Jiang, chairman of the enterprise cloud chain, about the exploration and practice of blockchain finance as a state-controlled mixed ownership enterprise.

Welcome to Wu Jianhua, host of CCTV, Liu Jiang, chairman of China Enterprise Cloud chain!

Liu Jiang, chairman of China Enterprise Cloud chain: I am glad to have this opportunity to communicate with you.

Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: let me give you a routine introduction to the next two.

This man is really handsome.

Wu Jianhua: CCTV Securities Information Channel program host China host professional committee director “I want to manage money”I want to invest” host, financial forum brand planner, block chain producer, CCTV host.

Boss Liu, a pro-alumnus of the editor!

Liu Jiang: Chinese certified public accountant (CICPA), senior accountant, holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Beijing Jiaotong University and a master’s degree in finance from Renmin University of China. He has more than 20 years of experience in senior management positions in the equipment manufacturing industry of large central enterprises. He has successively served as the director and minister of the Finance Department of CSR Group, and the head of the Capital Operation Department of China Southern Railway Corporation. Join the former Deputy Chief accountant and Minister of Finance of CSR Co., Ltd. He has participated in and presided over major capital operation projects such as CSR shareholding restructuring, AxiH listing, private placement, overseas mergers and acquisitions, and the merger of CNR and CNR; has successively prepared and participated in the operation of CSR Capital settlement Center, leasing company, financial company, investment company, Hong Kong company and other domestic and foreign funds or investment platforms, with profound experience in fund management and operation.

Welcome again, both of you!

Wu Jianhua, host of CCTV: OK, just now to meet the needs of Yu Kun, I used this broadcast channel to say hello to everyone. Later, I just relaxed a little bit. As for me, I am the host of a financial program. I work for CCTV. I may come into contact with more of the traditional financial investment circle. But for the blockchain, individuals are more concerned about it. Last year, because I did a column called the investment category that I want to invest in. I have also come into contact with the technology of some blockchain industry, so I especially hope to have an in-depth exchange with you in the field of blockchain. Study together and make progress together. (editor’s note: it’s a pity that I can’t make a voice here. Brother Jianhua’s broadcast cavity is really cured! ).

Then General Manager Liu Jiang is also an old friend of mine for many years. He has done a very good job in the technical application of blockchain and the mixed reform of state-owned enterprises. Then, there are many factoring companies of our country’s state-owned enterprises, all of which were first set up under the leadership of General Liu Jiang. well, today’s protagonist is General Liu Jiang. next, we invite Chairman Liu Jiang to share his content with us.

Golden Binance Lab conversation:
Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: then I will start to ask you a question. first of all, please introduce China Enterprise Cloud chain. Can you introduce the development of China Enterprise Cloud chain Enterprise and what blockchain business services can be provided at present?

Liu Jiang, chairman of China Enterprise Cloud chain: Hello, everyone. First of all, let me give you a brief introduction to China Enterprise Cloud chain.

China Enterprise Cloud chain is a state-controlled mixed ownership enterprise established by CRRC in conjunction with many central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, as well as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Postal savings Bank and other financial institutions approved by the State-owned assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

As a business model innovative company, China Enterprise Cloud chain has become an innovation benchmark and industry leader in China’s supply chain finance, and has been listed as the mass entrepreneurship and innovation platform of the State-owned assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC). And has won the “2016 the first Central Enterprise Star Innovation Competition”, “China Enterprise Association 2017 24th National Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievement Award” and other national innovation awards. It is also the “Internet +” and central collaborative innovation platform supported by SASAC.

Up to now, China Enterprise Cloud chain has conducted business exchanges and roadshows with 96 central enterprises and more than 800 large state-owned enterprises, 18 national banks, 100 local banks and their branches under the SASAC of various provinces and cities. the company will always focus on industrial finance, pay attention to the integration of industry and finance, continue to integrate resources of all parties in a larger scope, benefit more entity enterprises, and share the achievements of scientific and technological innovation brought about by “Internet +”.

From the perspective of platform business, up to now, there are more than 50, 000 registered enterprises and more than 400 core service enterprises in China’s cloud chain platform, and the number of online opening of Yunxin, the first electronic voucher for confirming rights by cloud chain, is more than 123 billion.

Wang Yukun, content Director of Binance Lab: we have learned that China Enterprise Cloud chain is an alliance chain model. Would you please give a comprehensive introduction to the performance of China Enterprise Cloud chain Alliance chain? At present, for which industries have industry-level solutions been produced? In December 2019, cloud chain and interest chain science and technology jointly funded the establishment of cloud interest technology, please explain in detail the cooperation with interest chain, based on what kind of consideration?

Liu Jiang, chairman of China Enterprise Cloud chain: with regard to the application of blockchain technology in the supply chain financial scene, based on the characteristics of the supply chain financial business of China Enterprise Cloud chain, it is considered that the polycentric blockchain alliance chain is the future of blockchain technology in this field.

Based on this, this paper puts forward the idea of establishing a “one-point multi-chain” platform alliance, that is, to build an alliance ecosystem with common consensus on the shared service platform.

Throughout the whole market, the construction of the supply chain financial platform has shown a trend of contending among a hundred schools of thought, and the retention of enterprise asset data on the supply chain financial platform is the core data of the enterprise. How to establish a link between the platforms on the premise of ensuring data security? the multi-center, public recognition and consensus mechanism of the block alliance chain can be perfectly competent.

If the platform is a “point”, then the block alliance chain can establish links between each platform and other platforms, carry out public recognition and consensus, in order to achieve secure and conditional links. The implementation portal, application and data are independent, but the business and data applications are shared with each other.

Moreover, under the multi-center block alliance mechanism, the Chinese enterprise cloud chain divides users into three categories from the business related parties, and puts forward the business claim of separation of rights, that is, the data producer (that is, ownership), the data user (that is, the right to use), and the provider of services for data generation and storage (storage right). The three parties cover the whole process of supply chain financial business, and the three parties are independent of each other, and the innovation is driven by business.

As for the cooperation between Chinese enterprise cloud chain and interest chain technology.

At present, Hangzhou Yunchuan Digital Technology Co., Ltd., a joint venture company, has been established. We believe that this is a combination of leading enterprises in two fields.

Interest chain Technology is the first batch of block chain companies to pass the national standard test of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, focusing on the research and development of the core technology platform at the bottom of the block chain, and is the first quasi-unicorn company in the field of block chain in China. As a central enterprise holding enterprise approved by the State-owned assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, China Enterprise Cloud chain focuses on the innovation and operation of Internet + ‘s supply chain financial platform, represented by “Yunxin” products. It is in an industry-leading position in scene finance, digital economic innovation and the integration of industrial resources between banks and enterprises, and carries out business model output and scientific and technological empowerment for enterprises, banks and other financial institutions through “cloud chain middleware”.

Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: through the first two questions, we have a relatively clear understanding of the Chinese enterprise cloud chain. The next question we would like to ask is that we can see that the current achievements of the Chinese enterprise cloud chain announced on the official website of the Chinese enterprise cloud chain are very outstanding, for example.

From the perspective of published information, the achievements of China’s cloud chain are mainly concentrated in supply chain finance, certificates of deposit, and ABS. Would you please explain the direction and reason of business design?

Liu Jiang, chairman of China Enterprise Cloud chain: with regard to the specific application of blockchain technology in the supply chain financial scene, we believe that for enterprises, the operating data of each enterprise is their important asset. At present, a large number of enterprise data are in security considerations and are isolated and stored in enterprises and government public service organizations, which can not exert their value.

Therefore, the first application of Chinese enterprise cloud chain in block chain focuses on distributed encrypted storage of data, and launches the first application of Chinese enterprise cloud chain, which is also the first application of block chain technology in domestic supply chain finance-cloud storage certificate.

Products focus on the key links in the process of industrial digitization, data storage, and use block chain technology to create a new infrastructure in the industrial Internet era.

Cloud certificates realize the multi-center, distributed and encrypted storage of enterprise certificate data, thoroughly solve the problem of encrypted storage of enterprise data assets, and provide data guarantee for the subsequent deep activation of enterprise data assets and driving business innovation. support more rich and flexible data applications in the future.

Wu Jianhua, host of CCTV: thank you, Boss Liu. In fact, through Boss Liu Jiang’s answer, we can see that this is one of them. Some professional terms are mentioned, such as cloud certificate cloud letter. It can be seen that, in fact, some of these professional terms or nouns are applied in. Some of the areas of supply chain finance may be other types of central enterprises, which can also be applied by state-owned enterprises. In fact, I know that the cloud chain of Chinese enterprises has always served many central and state-owned enterprises. Well, are there any specific enterprise cases that can be shared with us? next, I would like to ask a question about a specific case.

In supply chain finance, the main role of blockchain is to reduce intermediate processes and real-time settlement, so as to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Please explain to us a case of Chinese enterprise cloud chain participation, what kind of effect has been achieved through the role of block chain, and what data reflect the advantages brought about by technological progress?

Liu Jiang, chairman of China Enterprise Cloud chain: as a platform enterprise adhering to openness and innovation, China Enterprise Cloud chain has reached cooperation with many banks, including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China and Postal savings Bank, in the application of blockchain. In 2020, we will also launch a supply chain financial platform and application based on blockchain with a number of core enterprises, which we can wait and see.

In the future, connection, computing and scene will become the troika of financial science and technology innovation. China’s enterprise cloud chain will always take connection as the foundation, scene innovation as the core, and focus on the trust weak links of business connections between capital and assets. Big data technology is used to discover credit and apply block alliance chain technology link trust, so as to establish an industrial ecology similar to the real business environment in the network world. For the two ends of the industrial chain to build an efficient, trust-based connection, to achieve the industrial integration of financial science and technology, value empowerment.

CCTV host Wu Jianhua: key words: future connection, calculation, scene.

Xuan 4.
Wu Jianhua, host of CCTV: thank you, Mr. Liu Jiang, for your answer. In fact, we know that when it comes to supply chain finance, when it comes to factoring, business, ah, accounts receivable, and so on. In fact, there are many core enterprises and surrounding enterprises around state-owned enterprises. They have always hoped to pass. This kind of financial business. Upgrade to help them improve the enterprise. Production efficiency, or to help them achieve a better flow of funds. Then, the application of blockchain technology in supply chain finance can help enterprises to warm up quickly to a great extent.

Blockchain has not only technically helped enterprises to break the obstacles of supply chain finance, but also helped to invigorate corporate assets to a certain extent. In your opinion, is the realization of good capital flow based on blockchain a way for the transformation of state-owned enterprises or enterprises with heavy assets in the future?

Liu Jiang, chairman of China Enterprise Cloud chain: first of all, I would like to say that blockchain technology itself can not help enterprises achieve good capital flow, but that blockchain technology naturally has the business characteristics of multi-center, tamper-proof and encrypted storage. it is the best business scenario for a typical multilateral business such as supply chain financial platform business, while the innovative business scenario brought by supply chain financial platform. It can promote the efficient management of the supply chain.

As for whether the technology itself can become a way for the transformation of enterprises with heavy assets, it depends on how the enterprises themselves apply and give full play to the technical characteristics of the blockchain. Technology is neutral, but the imagination of applications is unlimited.

Wu Jianhua, host of CCTV: thank you, Mr. Liu. In fact, we know that this year’s word about blockchain has become a hot word for some time. Maybe we can hear you talking about the word blockchain in many scenes, but a lot of people. Maybe he doesn’t understand his concept. But for the landing of the blockchain. For his influence on the west wind industry. May be different areas, different industries are trying, then, the next question, may want to communicate with Liu Jiang from this point of view.

CCTV host Wu Jianhua: after the speech in 1024, the application of blockchain technology has gradually become the mainstream, and blockchain has become a hot word. I think blockchain should not be limited to the pattern of technology application or subdivision of the industry. what do you think is the relationship between blockchain and macro-economy? can you see its impact on the macroeconomic situation in the future from everyone’s enthusiasm and attention to blockchain?

Liu Jiang, chairman of the China Enterprise Cloud chain: after Xi Jinping’s speech in 1024 last year, the impact of the application of blockchain technology on the macro-economy was of course very great and obvious. The most obvious point is the rise of the digital economy, which is talking about the digital economy, not “digital currency.” Digital economy produces new economic value around the innovative application of data.

We say that in this era when everything can be digitized, data has become a new factor of production that drives social and economic development. It is not only the basis for business innovation, but also an important driving force for the upgrading of social industrial structure. An important prerequisite for the prosperity of digital economy is the multi-directional interaction of data, and the emergence and wide application of blockchain technology will play an important role here. The use of big data technology to discover credit and the use of blockchain technology to connect trust will effectively promote the high prosperity of the digital economy.

CCTV host Wu Jianhua: digital economy is not equal to digital currency.

In 2020 this year, from the perspective of promoting project development for practitioners in the blockchain industry, would you like to hear your suggestions?

Liu Jiang, chairman of China Enterprise Cloud chain: strictly speaking, China Enterprise Cloud chain is not the provider of blockchain technology, we are the application side of blockchain technology. We provide landing application scenarios based on block chain technology.

If you give advice from my point of view, I suggest that blockchain practitioners should identify the target industry, mine the customer’s data application needs, and find practical scenarios. Only by promoting business innovation through the application of technology can the value of blockchain be brought into full play.

Wu Jianhua, host of CCTV: OK, I saw Mr. Liu Jiang’s answer. In fact, when it comes to blockchain, we can see that there have been a lot of corresponding buzzwords in the past two years. For example, the technical application of blockchain, as well as cryptocurrency, and so on. But if. Compared to traditional finance. Unemployment and so on, we should classify the block chain in this social economy. In other words, it is dull to set a position for him. I especially want to know that Mr. Liu Jiang thinks of him. In the current social and economic environment, what kind of position or what kind of position should we be in, and how many years will it take us? There are corresponding buzzwords in the industry every year, such as AI in the previous two years. Cloud computing, virtual reality, augmented reality and so on, so does the blockchain industry follow its development path? It will be the next hotter word to catch up with these hot words.

The industry trend of blockchain in the past three years, whether it is cryptocurrency or the application of blockchain technology, a lot of information indicates that blockchain is in the early stage of development, and people in the industry have different opinions and serious segmentation, so in your opinion, what is the position of blockchain in the economy and society? What path will the blockchain industry follow to develop and grow? Is it analogous to AI, cloud computing, etc.?

Liu Jiang, chairman of China Enterprise Cloud chain: the status of blockchain in the economy and society, from my personal point of view, blockchain technology is an important link for enterprises to establish trust connections. therefore, blockchain technology is likely to become a core factor of production in the new economic era in the future.

As for the industry development path, if it refers to a large number of technology companies that provide blockchain technical services, their development path will inevitably be closely integrated with the application scenario, especially in the B-side application.

Golden Binance Lab message:
Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: it is full of mystery. I hope that Mr. Liu can come to Binance Lab to continue to share with you!

Finally, the fixed link of Binance Lab ~ Please send a message to the new mode of “blockchain + industry”!

Liu Jiang, chairman of China Enterprise Cloud chain: China Enterprise Cloud chain has always believed that blockchain technology is an important link for establishing trust-based connections between enterprises, so for the new model of “blockchain + industry”, I hope: let the trust of blockchain, open the bright future of the industrial Internet!

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