The first brigade of dialogue, such as home block chain, explores the development prospect of “block chain + hotel” industry.


At present, the combination of blockchain and real economy has become an irresistible trend of the times., Binance Lab launched a series of interviews [Binance Lab] on “blockchain + new industrial model”, and talked about the star enterprises and groups in the blockchain + the front end. The first brigade of this issue, such as Home Block chain Co., Ltd., let’s talk about the industry prospect of “Block chain + Hotel”.

Gold quick shears.

The first brigade home, as a state-owned enterprise, pays attention to compliance and legality.

The annual integral value of China and the world is huge, and the market needs to be tapped.

“the words of a gentleman, warm as jade”, the first brigade such as home block chain integral name “Ruyu”

Block chain technology realizes the technical foundation for the mutual trust and intercommunication of different systems.

Plan: improve the block chain points system, introduce strength partners, and create a credible integration ecology.

Golden meeting.

Wang Yukun: Hello, everyone ~ the new issue of Binance Lab meets you on time again! Today, I will talk to he Yingqi, the general manager of Hai Chuang chain Co., Ltd., together with CEO Zhang, the founder of Haichuang chain. Welcome, both of you.

He Yingqi: Hello, everyone. I am the general manager of the first Brigade Rujia Block chain Co., Ltd., he Yingqi.

Zhang Xun: I am the guest host Zhang Xun today.

Wang Yukun: just now we talked about the first Brigade, such as home. Let me make a routine introduction: first Brigade Home (Guangzhou) Block chain Technology Co., Ltd. relying on the resources of 24Home Hotel 24 Group and profound experience in the hotel industry, combined with blockchain technology, this paper focuses on the landing of blockchain scenes in the hotel industry in terms of integral marketing, member management, reconciliation settlement and so on.

The chain integral platform has opened up the circulation management closed loop of the hotel industry: block chain points issue-> Block chain points Sale-> Block chain points exchange room circulation management closed loop. After verification, the model can also be extended to aviation, tourism and other industries, promoting the landing application of blockchain technology in more integral scenarios.

Today’s interview guest is he Yingqi, general manager of the first brigade such as Home Block chain Company, founder and chairman of Guangzhou Maitu Information Technology Co., Ltd., former head of Google developer community, core developer of Google Glass Chinese system, invited guest of Block chain application of Guizhou Digital Expo 2019, and senior mobile Internet product and marketing expert. It has obtained two block chain information records of the National Network Information Office, one invention patent and seven block chain related system patents. Author of the Google Glass Development Guide.

After introducing the guests, I would like to introduce the guest host Zhang Jie, who is a big shot who can be a single-issue sharing guest. In order to cooperate with me to do an in-depth interview and talk as a guest in this issue, thank you, boss.

Haichuang chain is a block chain technology platform incubated by Haier investment. it provides application solutions for the government and entity enterprises and incubation acceleration services for start-up enterprises through digital economy and technology such as block chain and Internet of things.
Haichuang chain develops solutions in ten areas in Block chain Lab, and successfully outputs relevant cases.

CEO Zhang, founder of Haichuang chain, used to be a partner in foreign exchange earning, mainly responsible for the ecological construction of investment incubation and entrepreneurship, and the manager of process and system Innovation Department of Haier Group is responsible for the construction of overseas IT system. Chinese Youth Entrepreneurship Tutor of the Communist Youth League, expert Lecturer of Block chain Technical personnel training course of the Talent Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, expert Lecturer of Entrepreneurship guidance Class for small and medium-sized Enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and.

Welcome again, both of you.


Wang Yukun: then let’s officially start the interview!

He Yingqi: host, can I popularize science a little bit and make my first trip home?

Wang Yukun: that’s great! Welcome ~.

He Yingqi: the home of the first trip is not just the yellow house of 24Home Hotel 24. The first trip to 24Home Hotel 24 Group also includes 400 + cities, 4000 + hotels, 420000 rooms, 120 million members, with 150 million users staying each year. We cover high-end, middle and high-end and other 20 + brands. Such as ethnic Hotel, Beijing Hotel, Jianguo, Jinglun, Heyi, Puyin, Motai and so on. We have partnered with Hyatt to make a special Hyatt brand. I guess so. Hope to let you know more about the progress of home!

Wang Yukun: first of all, please introduce the relationship between the first Brigade Home (Guangzhou) Block chain Technology Co., Ltd. and 24Home Hotel 24 Group. What scenarios have been studied by the first Brigade Home with Block chain?

He Yingqi: the first Brigade Home Block chain Technology Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of the first Brigade Home. At present, the business is mainly focused on the block chain application R & D and trial operation of members, user loyalty programs and hotel business.

He Yingqi: what has been launched is the chain integral block chain integral management platform.

Standard qualification (routine answer, ).

One of the first batch of domestic blockchain information service record enterprises.
File number: Guangdong Network Information Service 4401121973235984001X.
The excellent block chain application of 2019 Guizhou Digital Expo was invited to share the team.
Member of China Communications Standardization Association.
Security and secrecy technology industry standard sponsor.
Member units of the Global Linux Foundation (subject to publication after review).
Global Hyperledge super ledger member units (subject to review and publicity).
Guangzhou Huangpu District Block chain Enterprise Identification, Block chain Application key Enterprises.
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area Block chain Future Unicorn cultivation Plan Enterprise.

Because we are state-owned enterprises, so the compliance requirements are relatively high.


Wang Yukun: just now you mentioned the chain integral block chain integral management platform, the first travel such as home block chain integral– such as jade, how should it be positioned? Where is the specific application scenario and value flow reflected?

Zhang Yan: what a beautiful name Ruyu is!

He Yingqi: thank you, host. The integral name of the first brigade such as home block chain is called Ruyu, “speak to a gentleman, warm it as jade”-a gentleman like jade. It is a technical platform for generating and managing points based on block chain technology. Let the member’s block chain score is not clear zero, the transaction is open and transparent, can comply with the circulation. Our goal is to make the points credible.

At present, we have opened blockchain points accounts for more than 10 million members, with more than 9 million Ruyu. The goal is to link up all the points of 120 million users in the coming year.

Become the largest block chain personal points platform in the hotel industry. Maybe this is our small advantage. The points of hotel and aviation have always been a relatively mature points system.

Users have a high degree of recognition and activity. The traditional field of points, machine + wine + credit card, is an iron triangle.

Zhang Yan: the advantage of large enterprises is that they are rich in user resources, especially brand enterprises, which are easier to attract users. From a consensus point of view, a brand is a public chain.

He Yingqi: here are some data for reference. The annual integral value of China is more than 100 billion yuan, which should be about 4 trillion yuan in the world. You can also download “the first Brigade at Home” App, to get a jade and have a try.

The brand is a public chain, yes. Our technology uses the alliance chain because we want to create a cross-domain value system for our users.

There are data nodes and audit nodes, which become different nodes according to different organizations; the data node is responsible for user data recording and synchronization, and the audit node only has the function of data reading. The node has a separate CA certificate (the CA certificate is used as the enterprise key) to ensure security.


Wang Yukun: what is the opportunity and process of the first trip like home or your personal “+ block chain”? In this process, what changes have taken place in your perception of the value of blockchain technology and its application prospects?

He Yingqi: personally, over the past six years, I have been working on the first tour of “Internet +”, mainly facing the C side. Together with colleagues in the company, we have built the C-end system of the 120 million members of the first brigade, such as home. Also assisted other state-owned enterprises to do a lot of C-side design, development and operation work. It provides services to about 300 million users across the country every year. In this process, we have a better understanding of user loyalty, points, rights and interests, and so on. The emergence of blockchain technology just realizes the technical basis for the intertrust and intercommunication of different systems.

The block chain makes some favorable conditions for integral interworking. So, we think the value here can be dug deep.

My personal point of view: blockchain technology enables different enterprises to form a favorable and programmable consensus.

Although there are many directions in our research, the application of integral is still our main direction at present.

My answer is over.


Wang Yukun: OK ~ next I’m going to give the microphone to today’s guest host @ Zhang Yi-Haichuang chain.
I look forward to your wonderful questions and answers.

Zhang Yan: I have also prepared a few questions. This year, I have been emphasizing borderless integration, and blockchain should be integrated with all kinds of industries. today, we discuss hotel industry + blockchain. What pain points do you think hotel industry management and blockchain integration can solve in this field? what are the real changes that can be brought about?

He Yingqi: why is Mr. Zhang’s topic so similar to the composition question of the college entrance examination? Ha ha.

The hotel industry is an interesting industry. The traditional and excellent service industry, large-scale standardized service replication, staying for 6 hours, the era of information penetration, and so on, will collide in our minds every day. The emergence of blockchain technology can demonstrate some interesting scenarios.

For example, we have 150 million members staying in our hotel rooms every year, generating points, can guests and the ecology around the hotel generate a value chain? We have hundreds of hotels open every year, can the supply chain finance be more penetrating?

Can we make use of trusted comments to make our service better and more meticulous? Can we use blockchain technology to provide enterprise business travel users with a free payment, invoice-free, reimbursement-free experience?

At present, we are promoting all the above-mentioned aspects, and the results are quite good.

Some details may not be made public for the time being, but I can personally say that blockchain is of great help to the industry.

My answer is over, these are the changes in the landing of the blockchain in the industry, and they are all true.


Zhang Yan: on the one hand, blockchain should be integrated with industry, and on the other hand, blockchain should be integrated with big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and other technologies. Do you have any applications in this area of technology integration?

He Yingqi: I gave a simple answer above, some of the contents of the industrial integration of block chain + hotel industry. On the other hand, we also have some applications in big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and other technologies.

For example, we also have a lot of attempts in check-in experience, finger vein and posture recognition.

By the way, our TV screen is now connected to the blockchain system. You can imagine the application.

The newly renovated TV screen has been piloted in some hotels.

420000 rooms, it will take some time, please look forward to it. My answer is over.

Zhang Yan: I think blockchain is a good tool for building corporate ecology. what kind of help do you think blockchain technology brings to the hotel ecology of the first brigade, such as home? What kind of biosphere has been constructed?

He Yingqi: we have a project called “traveling with you”, which is an ecological link to the secondary needs of the hotel.

Block chain technology can complete this ecological upgrade.

It turns out that hotel customers go to the surrounding consumption, consumption is over, there is no value hook, can not form a closed loop.

Now, hotel customers go to the surrounding consumption, you can get such as jade. Such an ecological closed loop is realized.

The value is closed loop.

Therefore, we intend to build an ecosystem based on “Ruyu”. I also hope that you can create together.

My answer is over, the biosphere does not expand in the group, a lot of content, afraid to affect everyone’s time, . Welcome to talk in private.


Zhang Xun: talking about Ruyu, it is actually a kind of token, on the chain with a large enterprise background like you and me. How to design the token economic model? How to make compliance without being misunderstood?

He Yingqi: I’m sure everyone will ask this question, and I’d like to know it.

Allow me to type it slowly.

Such as jade, block chain integral. It took us almost a year to solve the problem of compliance.

Compliance is not a question of whether the local law is feasible or not, but also involves a series of issues such as financial bookkeeping, taxation and so on.

Thanks to our colleagues who are at home in our first trip, who have given a lot of help in this process.

First of all, we need to define the integral. Why?

Assets? Merchandise? This is a question that enterprises need to answer and can answer.

We have to draw this line very clearly at the beginning.

Assets require a lot of financial qualifications.

A commodity needs to have a counterpart.

Compliance begins only if this question can be answered.

Secondly, how to avoid risks? Whether it is assets or commodities, how to achieve true anchoring, auditable, regulatory, risk control. This is the second step in compliance.

Zhang: yes, once the business of financial assets is involved, there must be a license in China.

He Yingqi: how do you account for your finance during the compliance process? This is another challenge.

N steps in the middle, various scenarios, various methods (abbreviated). The last step is to enable the tax bureau to issue invoices within the current framework.

Boss Zhang, large enterprises have a sound financial and risk control system, so we can talk in depth. I think although it is long, it is certainly possible.

Zhang: yes, token transactions also have to pay tax. It doesn’t mean that if you use the blockchain, you don’t have to pay tax. You should know this financial knowledge.

He Yingqi: there can be a difference between integral and token.

Zhang: let me ask you one more question. We have talked about the advantages of so many blockchains. Can we also talk about some difficulties in the application of blockchains?

He Yingqi: of course. The block chain integral we chose is already a very difficult scene.

The most difficult is how to define the business boundary and find a compliance and controllable way to release the technical value of the blockchain.

I believe many friends will confuse blockchain points with token.

But we have really found a path in the system that meets the requirements of the Finance and tax Law.

Because our Ruyu is really different from the current understanding of token.

You can understand it as a tangible, committed certificate of service.

Technology is not the biggest difficulty, compliance is the most difficult thing.

My answer is over.

Zhang: the key is that if there is no special regulation for blockchain token, it will be very troublesome.

He Yingqi: if you do right or wrong, you can only go to the existing laws and regulations.


Zhang: last question, can you tell me about your short-term and long-term plans for the blockchain?

He Yingqi: mm-hmm, believe in the country. We keep the bottom line of compliance, and the leaders above will see and hear it.

We intend to further improve the system of block chain points, and introduce powerful partners to create a credible integration ecology. This is our more important plan.

At present, there are already several state-owned enterprises in close communication with us, looking forward to the launch soon.

It is our core value to create credible points for the common people.

In the long term, we will accelerate the penetration of blockchain technology for other application scenarios in the hotel industry. As I just said, we have made some pilot projects, which are really valuable.

Thank you. We’re just the beginning. I’m talking about us.

Wang Yukun: I read it very carefully. It’s great.

Golden message.

Wang Yukun: finally, I have a golden [Binance Lab] fixed link.
Ask the two bosses to send a message to the new model of “blockchain + industry”.

He Yingqi: if you settle down to study the industry, you can release the super-dimensional energy of the block chain under compliance.

Zhang Yan: the era of borderless integration of blockchain has come, and there will be a future for + industry and + other information technology.

Wang Yukun: well, this is the end of this golden Binance Lab ~ thanks again to both bosses!

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