The strength of the “war plague” Yu chain science and technology: access to ensure the security of access control.



Wang Yukun: Binance LabBinance Lab, content director of Binance Lab, will launch a series of interviews on the epidemic of strength in the near future to share with you some excellent application cases of blockchain.

The activity has begun ~ may there be a virus on the access control? See how to use block chain technology to empower the community. This issue of Golden [Binance Lab] Dialogue Universe Science and Technology CEO Luo Li ~.

This Spring Festival, the test of the epidemic affects you and me. Various industries have also actively contributed to the “war plague”. We learned that Uchain Technology has launched “access” products from the perspective of technical epidemic prevention. Would you please introduce the design of this product in detail, and in what ways can you help the “war plague”?

Luo Li, CEO of Yulian Technology: I personally experienced the whole process of the SARS epidemic when I was a university student in Beijing in 2003. At that time, 70% of my classmates left Beijing, and I firmly chose to stay.

In this process, we have gained a lot. For a student at that time, in addition to academic gains, but also a deep understanding of the face of the epidemic, can not wait to die, to learn to actively innovate, rapid response, turn adversity into opportunity.

At the beginning of the Spring Festival in 2020, with the rapid spread of the COVID-19 epidemic across the country, I realized that it was very difficult for the epidemic to disappear immediately, and it was normal for people’s psychological factors to last for less than half a year.

Chatting with some friends before, I found that most of the friends who responded very quickly to the epidemic this time were deeply touched by their previous experience of SARS.

In the face of the epidemic, every man has a responsibility! And Uchain Technology, as a technology-based enterprise, also hopes to help prevent and control the epidemic and contribute to its own efforts. The design inspiration of “access” comes from the fact that our team collects pain points from real needs.

In line with the initial intention of public welfare, Uchain science and technology responded quickly, and through the rapid collection of information, we learned that there is a great risk of cross-infection in the access management of grass-roots communities. Residents investigation, quickly find out the health status and mobility of personnel, has become an important measure to prevent and control the epidemic situation of COVID-19!

Therefore, UL Technology makes use of its own technical service advantages, and the product manager quickly draws a product prototype map in 4 hours. Based on its block chain platform “Yu Lianyun”, it fights around the clock with “Vulcan Mountain Spirit” for 48 hours. Online government community epidemic prevention system “in and out”, public welfare helps community epidemic prevention and control.

During this period of time, for example, our UI young man was stupefied to eat instant noodles at home for 7 days!



Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: then my next question is, what is the actual application of the “access” product at present, and is there any specific quantifiable figure? After the end of the epidemic, what are the main aspects of the promotion and use of products? What is the direction of subsequent update iterations?

Yu chain Technology CEO Luo Li: it should be said that the launch of access is the right time! What do you mean, we caught the dividend of the epidemic. The figures as of last night were something like this:

Pass in and out is currently updated every 12 hours a small version, serving the national 20 + provinces and cities, 2000 + residential areas, on 2 million people!

Far beyond our imagination! The epidemic dividend is in the right place at the right time, so what have we done internally?

All our non-technical personnel, each and every one of us, have been mobilized to promote it to our compatriots from all over the country who may need to get in and out.

From a large point of view, there are two ways online and offline:

First, in the online area, we continue to promote original articles every day, and the number of readers of the first article has reached nearly 50,000.

Then, many media took the initiative to report on us, from NetEase, Venture Bang, 36 Krypton and other science and technology media to Xinhua News Agency reporters, United Front work Department, science and technology departments and other official media.

Hundreds of local media across the country have taken the initiative to report and reprint. We have not invested a penny in marketing, good public welfare products can talk by themselves!

Second, the aspect is offline. We talk about cooperation with offline giants through all kinds of contacts we have accumulated in the past.

From the three major operators of Mobile Unicom Telecom, to the Construction Bank, to the Radio and Television Group, to the research institute and other companies that we can think of that we can think of, we have talked about all kinds of possible cooperation companies.

It’s very simple. Anyway, everyone can’t get out of the epidemic, and those who can’t do anything else are willing to promote public welfare anti-epidemic products together.

Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: wow~ wants to know how they react to products based on blockchain technology.

Uchain Technology CEO Luo Fu: very good! After all, blockchain is good for privacy and data security! Special thanks to Xi Jinping 1024 for his speech, these big groups understand that blockchain technology is a good thing!

CEO Luo Li: we have also summarized a comparison chart so that the partners can see it very clearly.


Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: what is the main role of blockchain technology in “access”? How do you evaluate the performance and prospect of blockchain technology in this war epidemic?

CEO Luo: frankly speaking, the earliest V1 version is a traditional Mini Program and H5, based on fast launch to meet everyone’s rigid needs.

However, as a blockchain team, we join the blockchain to empower.

We use blockchain technology from these points:

It is more convenient to use some of our pictures here, one picture is worth a thousand words!

Therefore, in the process of iterating in and out of the product, we continue to add the functional modules of the block chain!

Of course, from the perspective of front-end users, it is still Mini Program.

What are the prospects for blockchain? As an entrepreneur of all in blockchain at the end of 17 years, I am very optimistic that blockchain + surpasses Internet + after 10, 20 or 30 years.

We should remember that the central government will not casually set a technology as a national strategy! We should be confident that in the early days of the Internet, we also crossed the river by feeling the stones.

Xuan 4.

Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: there is no doubt about the development prospect of blockchain technology, and we are also very happy to see that there are many blockchain products in this epidemic, but I have personally experienced several of them. Some products still have problems such as unclear product logic, immature development, tedious application, and so on. Specific to the “access”, what are the characteristics of its specific scene use? What are the imperfections? What are the difficulties and challenges encountered in product development and application promotion?

Yu chain Technology CEO Luo Fu: specific to the “access”, what are the characteristics of its specific scene use? The first few pictures give a relatively clear answer, and I would like to focus on the incompleteness and difficulties behind.

There are not too many obstacles for us in product research and development. after all, our BaaS Cloud + chain + new set of Uchain Technology has been developed and put into use for more than half a year, and it is also very stable and easy to use.

There must be difficulties and challenges in application and promotion.

The biggest challenge is still cognitive. For example, when you go out today as an Internet company to talk about business cooperation, basically the partners will not ask you what is the Internet, TCP/IP HTTP protocols and other basic questions, right?

The whole people’s understanding of the blockchain is obviously different, and we will still be entangled here. Secondly, the blockchain application does not form a large-scale network effect!

Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: what does large-scale network effect refer to?

Yu chain technology CEO Luo: let’s talk about Wechat is a rigid demand? In my opinion, yes and no.

Many people in developed countries do not use Wechat. They live well and may be better than us. What problems do you think Wechat has solved?

The application of blockchain is equivalent to 100 people and only 2 people are using it, and the rest of them always ask you: what’s the use of this thing?

So today, when we promote any product of our space chain technology, we try to find the first wave of people whose cognition and use reach the same range quickly!


Wang Yukun, content Director of Binance Lab: what do you think of the impact of this epidemic on the blockchain industry? How has Uchain Technology itself been affected? What suggestions do you have for many blockchain enterprises to survive the epidemic safely?

Uchain Technology CEO Luo Fu: based on survival, focus on the future. The sudden epidemic not only disrupted the joy of the Boxer New year, but also interrupted the hasty pace of social development. COVID-19 epidemic inevitably has an impact on start-up enterprises. To fight the epidemic and tide over the “economic” difficulties is the focus of all entrepreneurs.

From the perspective of finance and financing, enterprises and entrepreneurs should first give full play to their own advantages and analyze specific problems to help enterprises tide over the difficulties. The enterprise loan ability is strong, look for the loan; the enterprise which is good at reducing the cost, overwhelms the lowest, in short, finds the suitable method according to own characteristic.

Increase revenue and reduce expenditure and control cost. The founding team will directly reduce the salary by 50%, protect the rights and interests of employees from being affected, and enhance the cohesion of the team!

Finally, share the experience of distributed office:

As a blockchain company, Uchain’s part-time engineers are distributed in Germany, the United States and China, while domestic employees are also located in Hangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and have long been accustomed to distributed office form.

Ensure employee efficiency and cohesion. Employees carry out distributed office work to achieve.

1) define the goal of the task, clock in, and ensure a sense of ritual.

2) clear response time and reporting mode.

3) and arrange special team members to care for employees, boost morale, and pay attention to health and work conditions.

Improve the efficiency and cohesion of the team. Even if you work online, you should keep your dedication and enthusiasm to your work.


On the whole, the combat effectiveness of our own space chain is not affected, and basically everyone is busy until the wee hours of the morning, which is no different from the centralized office. When our customers are affected, we will be affected indirectly!

Xuan 6.

Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: let’s talk about yourself again. What is the opportunity and process of Uchain Technology or your personal “+ blockchain”? In this process, what changes have taken place in your perception of the value of blockchain technology and its application prospects?

CEO Luo Li: I have not changed anything. I have experienced SARS, that is, I know that no matter how big the epidemic is, it will eventually pass.

In the face of the epidemic, analyze development opportunities and adhere to product innovation. As a technology-oriented enterprise, product innovation is always in the first place. To seize the opportunity and adjust quickly is the attitude in the face of crisis!

I have sold two companies before, and now they all seem to be business. Only this venture is a great opportunity to systematically think about the next 10, 20, 30 years.

At the end of 17 years, I spent about 20 days to study blockchain, and read a lot of white papers, because I also have a background in engineering + finance.

1024 is a great boost to the industrial blockchain, but before that, I firmly believed that blockchain + is an inevitable Combo.

So we don’t have any change in the layout of 2020 Compact 21, but we just have one more access to it in line with the trend.

Jun 7.

Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and IoT have all become hot keywords for future development. What role do you think blockchain will play in the development of new technology? How much does the character bear?

CEO Luo: there are many scenarios, many times, these technologies will be superimposed, without any mutually exclusive relationship.

From my own thinking and practice, I have come to the conclusion that the blockchain mainly plays such a major role:

How do distrustful parties / game parties collaborate through technical means, regulatory transparency, self-proving innocence, etc.

As you can see, it may only be a few dozen words, but we have summed up it for more than 2 years.

The central promotion of blockchain + government affairs is largely for the purpose of transparent / low-cost regulation.

Very suitable for public welfare / charity, environmental protection and other fields.

The lack of data exchange between various government departments has always been a big problem, and the block chain version of privacy computing is particularly suitable!

Jian 8.

Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: we have just talked about some things we have done and will do. I would like to ask Mr. Luo to interpret Yulian Technology at the macro level: Yulian Technology, as a young technology company, is committed to tackling the landing scene of block chain, and what other achievements have been made so far? What are the difficulties and challenges encountered? What are the future development plans?

Yu chain Technology CEO Luo Fu: Yu chain Technology is the most “hard” a block chain technology company! The hardest one! The hardest one! Important things are to be repeated for 3 times.

Because we make blockchain chips.

Our space chain core is for commercial use: real-time winding of physical equipment / Internet of things data end-to-end.

The role of the blockchain in it is to ensure the security and credibility of the data.

Yes, through the algorithm of block chain in the chip instruction set, real-time upload can be achieved, which is the lowest way.

Put an end to the possibility of artificial tampering in centralized uploads.

Our main plan this year and next year is to quickly replicate in several important commercial landing directions to reach No. 1.

Wang Yukun, content director of Binance Lab: in what direction does the boss plan to make efforts in the past two years?

CEO Luo: our biggest advantage is the integration of software and hardware, so there are two scenarios like this. For example, the block chain version of the intelligent door lock in cooperation with the public security is used to manage the floating population.

For example, cooperate with the hotel group Yu chain core version of the pick-up box to reduce the flight rate, improve profits and so on.

At present, there are many blockchain technology companies, which are committed to the research and empowerment of blockchain +. What are the unique competitive characteristics of Uchain technology?

At the core, I think there are two points.

  1. The product capability of the trinity of cloud + chain + chip.

two。. A formidable team.

Golden Binance Lab message.

Wang Yukun, Binance Lab content director: finally, there is the golden [Binance Lab] reservation link. Please send a message to the new economic model of “blockchain + industry”!

Yu chain science and technology CEO Luo Yan: great danger, is the big opportunity: 2020 is the industrial district block chain first year, cooperates to do trouble together.

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