Tuzki’s obsession with cats designed for CryptoKitties is popular, and innovation in the field of NFT has not stopped.


The blockchain is round, and the topic of NFT is back to CryptoKitties. So far, the total number of CryptoKitties is 1921015, and the number of users with at least one is as high as 86015, and the market turnover is 667970, worth 59932.5 ETH. If you subscribe to CryptoKitties’s email, surely the email you receive from time to time will make you sigh that it is still alive? Recently, I received a letter from Tuzki author Wang Maomao’s obsession with cats, which caught my attention. Let’s take a look at CryptoKitties Lao Lu’s analysis of the event and NFT’s rethinking.

Tuzki’s obsession with cats designed for CryptoKitties is popular, and innovation in the field of NFT has not stopped.

Tuzki is a set of animated facial expressions created by Wang Mao (MOMO), a 2004 graduate from Communication University Of China animation department. It was later acquired by time Warner’s company Turner China and became its core IP.

In the second year after the birth of Bitcoin, I, Tuzki, you, was first released in 2009, and coincidentally bought one. After that, the image of Tuzki became popular on QQ and became the ancestor of memes at that time. The story about Tuzki is no longer unfolded. At one time, the IP was very big, and the author was also an internationally renowned illustrator.

Tuzki’s obsession with cats designed for CryptoKitties is popular, and innovation in the field of NFT has not stopped.

Before the auction.
Momo Wang designed four cats for CryptoKitties inspired by the DADA ballet, two of which are reserved for Fancy Chase and the remaining two will be auctioned on Nifty Gateway.

The first CryptoKitty Catterina is a special edition, the one on the left, with a limited edition of 100, with an initial price of $100 each. When all is sold, the Momo Wang Exclusive on the right will be auctioned.

Half of the proceeds from the auction will go to Feeding America and Food Bank of Canada to help Covid-19 affected communities and provide them with safe food supplies. Your support will help ease the burden on channels in these countries, which have increased demand due to disease, shutdowns and work disruptions. It’s kind of a pro bono auction.

Before introducing the auction, you also need to introduce a Nifty Gateway, a platform for collectors and artists that allows users to buy goods using credit or debit cards. Used to display and trade rare NFT works of art. It was acquired by the Gemini Exchange in 2019, and Gemini is the American Compliance Exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins. So there is no problem with the compliance of the NFT trading market.

Tuzki’s obsession with cats designed for CryptoKitties is popular, and innovation in the field of NFT has not stopped.

Due to jet lag, the auction began at 7: 00 a.m. on May 15 in China. After ensuring that there was no problem with the payment channels for the auction, the auction took an early rest and waited for the next day’s auction.

Tuzki’s obsession with cats designed for CryptoKitties is popular, and innovation in the field of NFT has not stopped.

At auction.
As soon as it was refreshed into the auction page the next day, there was only half of the quantity left, and the payment was not deducted for a long time, and it was sold out in a few minutes. Although the auction passed by, the sense of participation was still good. 100 dollars can not be bought at a loss, can not be fooled, the global limit of 100, for the public good.

Tuzki’s obsession with cats designed for CryptoKitties is popular, and innovation in the field of NFT has not stopped.

Tuzki’s obsession with cats designed for CryptoKitties is popular, and innovation in the field of NFT has not stopped.

After the auction.
The efficiency of blockchain is high, the second before the auction immediately entered the secondary market, instant premium quadruple bidding, so that enthusiasts participating in the auction feel the charm of NFT.

Tuzki’s obsession with cats designed for CryptoKitties is popular, and innovation in the field of NFT has not stopped.

The auction proceeds are 10000 yuan, the secondary market premium is four times the transaction, everyone has done public welfare and earned auction revenue, the auction platform gets traffic, infatuation with cats gets attention again, and the four-win situation.

Of course, the first one is just an appetizer, the limit of 100s is still a bit too much, and the highlight is that there is only one Koshkat, in stock. For those with a high starting price of 0 yuan, the rules are clear and clear.

Tuzki’s obsession with cats designed for CryptoKitties is popular, and innovation in the field of NFT has not stopped.

The limited number of one is just one of the reasons for its rarity, including its special reservation number # 222, a special generation 0 rare cat, details link.

Not only that, but also with full-suit top trumpet after shooting, the owner’s sense of honor MAX.

Tuzki’s obsession with cats designed for CryptoKitties is popular, and innovation in the field of NFT has not stopped.

Auction bid history

Time Bidder Amount
about 8 hours @notkm $10,500.00
about 8 hours @club1000 $10,000.00
about 8 hours @notkm $7,100.00
about 9 hours @club1000 $7,000.00
about 9 hours @tyler $6,400.00
about 9 hours @notkm $6,360.00
about 9 hours @club1000 $6,350.00
about 9 hours @notkm $6,260.00
about 10 hours @club1000 $6,250.00
about 15 hours @notkm $6,000.00
about 16 hours @cameron $5,100.00
about 23 hours @notkm $5,000.00
about 24 hours @queencryptoria $3,500.00
1 day @whaleshark $3,000.00
1 day @kittypad $2,500.00
1 day @whaleshark $2,000.00
1 day @rliriano $1,510.00
1 day @whaleshark $1,500.00
1 day @duncan $1,200.00
1 day @rliriano $1,010.00

Kitten Mittens’s nickname in Nifty Gateway is notkm, and the competition for bids is also very fierce. The price increase of 3500 to 5000 directly repelled whaleshark,7000 to 7100, and began to hesitate until the price of 10000 club1000 Nokkm finally caught up with the bid for the Koshkat, equivalent of 52 ETH with a price of 10500 US dollars.

However, in the history of infatuation with cats, the transaction price of this cat can not even get into the top 30. In the past, it was said that the first transaction price was 896775600 ETH transactions of Kitty, while the transaction price of # 0 Genesis Cat was 246.926 ETH. Koshkat 52ETH deal in the history of cat infatuation is not high, but in 2020, infatuated cats can shoot 52 ETH is a good result.

Artist Series Exclusive Auction series is the first attempt of CryptoKitties, infatuated with cat team is a very innovative and patient team, not low financing is enough to support team development, this persistence in exploring and constantly polishing products has been better than most blockchain game project parties.

In addition to AsyncArt’s programmable NFT concept, after the release of the new version of Decentraland, the hot and successful Cryptovoxels, once detonated the encryption cat of Ethernet Fong, can it return to public view?

The NFT field is not only dominated by blockchain game props, the mainstream category of the NFT market in 2020 is artist work, regardless of whether the author is a designer / encryption artist / computer geek (computer is art).

In the DappStore category of wheat wallet, you can find NFT-related applications on Ethernet Square. Encrypted art works such as Superrare and MakersPlace are more the products of artists, and buyers are more inclined to the appearance and creativity of the author behind it and the work of art itself. Https://mathdapp.store/?blockchain=ethereum&tag;=NFT.

Most people may not be able to resonate with these works, just as not everyone understands Van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci. But it is the group with these art creators who have formed their own culture with the help of the ethernet platform and the concept of NFT.

Earlier, we also paid attention to Block Create Art, which is a domestic brand specializing in artistic creation and new cultural research and development in the field of blockchain / cryptocurrency, with the opening of online micro-stores and physical exhibition halls, as well as an example of cultural creation + blockchain landing.

This reminds me of Bubble Matt POP MART’s blind box. Blind box economy was a hot entry in 2019, where sales volume and popularity began, and there was a lot of discussion about it. The so-called blind box is usually filled with anime, film and television works around, trendy players, or dolls designed by designers alone.

In fact, history can be traced back to Japan’s egg-twisting culture, which developed into a blind box culture with the role of IP, lottery and collection. Bubble Matt has gone through 10 fundraising since its inception in 2010 and is rumored to be listing in Hong Kong recently.

Mainland toy retailer Popaomat listed in Hong Kong, raising up to 2.33 billion yuan.

Foreign media quoted market sources as saying that Chinese toy retailer Popomat plans to list in Hong Kong IPO this year, raising about US $200 million to US $300 million (about HK $1.55 billion to HK $2.33 billion). Citic Lyon and Morgan Stanley are responsible for arranging the listing.

It is reported that the company completed more than $100m in pre-IPO financing in April, with investors including Sequoia Capital, China Renaissance Capital Investment and Loyal Valley Capital.

Roadmap: twisted Egg Culture-Blind Box economy-online Blind Box-Blind Box on chain?

Encrypted cats should also be aware of this., Artist Series is a starting point for introducing well-known artists into encrypted cat creation, and it is also IP creation + blockchain, which introduces artists’ works into the world of blockchain, which not only conforms to the development trend of NFT to digital art, but also can exert the circulation value of artists’ works to the extreme. Looking forward to the next encryption cat to introduce the artist’s work.

Encrypt the cat and think again.
When we talk about encrypted cats again, it is no longer sky-high price hype, scientific breeding to get rich, simply list a few encrypted cats in the field of NFT innovation.

  1. Let NFT make a sound.

In addition to the appearance of a static image, more and more dynamic NFT appears. What if NFT can be added to a sound file? When the mouse focus Hover to this NFT, a piece of voice / music plays automatically. At present, encrypted cats have added cat calls to the special-cats category. Experience link: https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0x7891f796a5d43466fC29F102069092aEF497a290/special-cats?codexFilter=fancy.

Can you imagine that a song is a NFT, that can receive this album regularly after a NFT, buyout, when a new song is sent to your wallet in the form of a NFT, and the player in the wallet can play the song that belongs entirely to you?

Can you imagine paying for knowledge / newsletter / news is a NFT, subscription to these services, you can receive some NFT, through the wallet to listen to these news, knowledge paid content.

two。. Let NFT see you.

This function is basically implemented on the front end, and the effect is the same as metamask’s fox follows your mouse, and the cat’s eyeballs follow your mouse direction.

It can make NFT show micro-interaction, reminiscent of QQ pet and rising lion cub. 3. Make NFT 3D.

Work with MegaCryptoPolis to turn your CryptoKitty into a 3D modeling cat in the game. Can also be shown in Decentraland, a little deeper, and VR, AR combination is also a matter of time. Recently, the protagonist of Upload, attended his funeral in the virtual world with friends he knew in the virtual world. Opposite the screen was his girlfriend in the real world. If this world really existed, Pokemon and the encrypted cat would be in it.

In the near 2033, six technology companies will operate virtual reality hotels where the dying can be “uploaded” to enjoy future generations. Nora lives in Brooklyn, New York, and provides “Angel” customer service for the world behind the luxury digital world of “Holly Zen Lakeview (Horizen Lakeview)”. Nathan, a slutty programmer in Los Angeles, was seriously injured in an autopilot accident. Ingrid, his material girlfriend, persuaded him to upload it permanently and enter the virtual reality world of Holly Zen where Nora works. 4. Enhance NFT liquidity.

One of the disadvantages of NFT is the current market chaos and lack of liquidity. Real goods such as Bubble Matt and BJD dolls can be traded in C2C malls such as Xianyu, while the market of encrypted cats has limited too many people because of their own threshold.

The total volume of encrypted cats on NFT’s largest market, Opensea, was 1885, a far cry from the 667970 in their own market, and the volume of encrypted cats on Opensea was only 199 ETH.

Therefore, the concept of WCK is introduced. One encrypted cat is equal to one WCK,. The production cost of each encrypted cat is about 0.008 ETH,. The rules are as follows:

Users can send an encrypted cat to the contract through the website and get an ERC20 WCK token.
Users can send WCK tokens to the contract and get random encrypted cats.
Users can send WCK tokens to contracts and receive specific encrypted cats.
With the demotion and packaging of ordinary cats like WCK, it becomes easier to exchange rare cats, at least than to sell them one by one for ETH and then buy them. One of WCK’s most expensive transactions was exchanged for 10000 WCK. Deal Hash: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xe440b80d3966e66f8529783fecaa136f23342035e09a56d2d8fc60932a76b044.

So far, there are 52024, Wrapped Kitties contracts, which is equivalent to 52024 WCK, in the market. the way to buy a large number of encrypted cats is to buy a large number of WCK at one time. Because you can always exchange a WCK for an encrypted cat. Contract address:

Https://cn.etherscan.com/address/0x09fE5f0236F0Ea5D930197DCE254d77B04128075 you can exchange a lot of WCK, through Uniswap, without having to go to the exchange. Of course, on the current scale of WCK, despite the loud calls, Binance will not list them. Gen 0 Pawn Shop.

It is a smart contract that brings liquidity to the holders of generation 0 etheric cats. If you need ETH, in an emergency, you can send Gen0’s ethercat to this contract. When you return Tai Tai Fong, your 0 generation cat will be transferred back to you.

  1. Interoperability KittyVerse for NFT.

When people talk about the interoperability of Defi in Ethernet Square, Furucombo appears, which lowers the threshold of interoperability between Defi applications. The encryption cat brings NFT to the other 11 Dapp, exactly how to use this article will not be expanded.

Kitty Care.
Snappy NFT.
Kitty Jukebox.
Kitty Beauty Pageant.
Kitty Bounties Price Estimator.
NFT Quests.
NFT Race.
Gen 0 Pawn Shop.
Kitty Eternalizer.
Kitty Bounties Extended.
Randomized Kitty Packs.

In fact, this interoperability involves the renewal of the Nifty license, and third parties have a lot of freedom to use encrypted cats to develop their own Dapp, commercially less than $10000000. there is no need to apply for a special commercial license with encrypted cats.

NFT license: helps define the meaning of ownership in the blockchain: https://www.niftylicense.org.

  1. NFT gene tool.

After the release of CryptoKitties, hardcore users spent more than a month deciphering the secrets of genes. Now they are trying to maximize market efficiency and take this discovery to the extreme.

The breed and characteristics produced can be inferred by entering the ID of the two cats. You can also know the genetic bias of a cat, and other cats are likely to breed, which is a great convenience for users who love to breed. Of course, there are more professional players who provide breeding services for trench users, raise cats scientifically, decipher the genetic code, and choose the best combination.

The first generation breeding service.

1.1 ETH = 60 1st generation (children of 2 founders).

.55 ETH = 30 1st generation (1 founder’s child).

0.3 ETH = unique of 15 1st generation.

A total of 240 Gen 0s will be mated by the best pairing method and propagated from the gene pool. Delivery will be made 8 days after payment.

  1. Encrypted cat Rank.

Which encrypted cat player did not collect the dream of a full set of encrypted cats? there were four players who collected 92 cats in the Fancy category, and the Waltmester3000 with the highest score had 27494 cats.

Appreciation address: https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0x7891f796a5d43466fC29F102069092aEF497a290/special-cats?codexFilter=fancy.

There are a little more than 43 cats in the prestige category, with 11, and of course Waltmester3000 is one of them.

Only four cats have collected a total of 245 cats in the catdex category, and only one cat is missing from the Waltmester3000. It is estimated that he forgot to make up for it in the recent update. There are 148 etheric cats issued exclusively, 111 with a stock of 1 and 15 with a stock of 2. Most people can not collect all these cats, the way to get is very difficult, such as achieving the reward of the 2 million cat in the network, the owner quotes 250 ETH. Waltmester3000 has more than 2w of cats, but he is not a big deal in front of Kitten Mittens, the trench where Koshkat was photographed. Because he has 213642 etheric cats, of which 20599 are Fancy, estimated value of more than 2000 ETH.

The player who has up to 0 generation cats is also Kitten Mittens, who has 2245 0 generation etheric cats.

The largest buyer of ethernet cats is “Breaking Cats”, which currently costs a total of 899.537 ETH. Kitten Mittens spent only 478.546 ETH. Because kitten spends most of its money on breeding, scientific breeding has bred a total of 239402 cats.

First of all, logically, do we often feel that the blockchain is decentralized? Do you feel that way? When you think that blockchain is decentralized, there must be a logical objection, called centralization. Because if there is no concept of centralization, then you think it is meaningless to decentralize a thing. If we think of blockchain centralization, there must be a corresponding concept of decentralization. When you think that there is no absolute decentralization and centralization of this blockchain, then you have committed a major logical fallacy, because when you think that nothing is absolute decentralization and centralization, the view itself is central, and you are advocating a central point of view.

Secondly, empirically, as mentioned just now, each of us will experience some centralization, and we all yearn for the existence of the concept of decentralization in our hearts. All people’s feelings must have their projected objective object, I am thirsty, there must be water; when I am hungry, there must be food; I have sexual desire, and I must have the object pointed to by sexual desire. Then why the blockchain has the feeling of decentralization, because there must be an object to which the centralization points, otherwise this feeling is meaningless.

The world of blockchain is wonderful, full of bubbles and scams, but also these interesting things. Based on teacher Luo Xiang’s analysis of the establishment of justice and injustice, it is applied to whether the blockchain should be decentralized or centralized, torturing the builders of the blockchain.

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